Leaked Bachie Viewing Party Footage Seemingly Hints At How This Season Ends & It’s Not Pretty

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Has The Bachelors finale already been spoiled after just one episode? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s survey the evidence.

Daily Mail Australia got their sneaky mitts on video footage of two of the three lead blokes Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh at a viewing party of the premiere episode.

In the footage, both blokes intently watched themselves on telly surrounded by a couple of their mates but none of the Bachie babes and, perhaps even more tellingly, sans engagement rings.

It comes after rumours that Jed emerges from the series as a single dude.

The rumours kicked off in August 2022 when a sneaky source told Yahoo Lifestyle that the bloke was sashaying around Sydney looking “very single” as he was “approaching girls” at Sussudio in Potts Point.

“It was really weird he was there on his own, he told us he was waiting for his mates but no one came,” the spy alleged to the site.

“We left at around 3am and he was still there on his own. It’s as if he just went out to meet people.”

The insider claimed that when she asked him about the reality show, he said it was “a good experience” but “couldn’t confirm” if he had ended the show arm-in-arm with a contestant.

The report also alleged that he “has been living it up after filming the show on the Gold Coast last month and openly discussing the season with random people he meets in bars.”

This brand new footage certainly adds fuel to the fire of these rumours!

Another issue with this is the fact The Bachelors stars aren’t allowed to share any spoilers on social media while the show is airing.

In fact, their Instagram pages are currently under lock and key by producers so this rogue friend of theirs is probably going to land them in some hot water.

They recently got a stern talking to from the network after their public antics which included Jed cavorting with MAFS stars.

“When the leads have so many projects ready to drop and promote before the show, it ruins the integrity a little and the illusion these people are there looking for love,” an anonymous source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“They’ve been told to hold off with their side projects until after the show has aired.”

Meanwhile an insider told Daily Mail Australia that Ten swiftly fired off a spicy email after Jed was seen at a MAFS event warning him and the other blokes and contestants not to hang with “embarrassing” MAFS stars or they’ll be penalised.

“An email went out to the cast, including the leading men, [telling us] to stay away from the stars of MAFS,” the insider told the site.

“It said they were embarrassing, and if we wanted our blue ticks and $5,000 bonus, we had to stay away from any events or other reality stars.”

Following the bonkers 2020 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, an insider told So Dramatic! that Ten enforced strict social media rules whereby they’d take over each contestants’ Insta for the duration of the show.

As an incentive, Ten apparently promised each contestant they’d receive a blue tick at the end of the season along with a $5,000 bonus.

But if any of their strict rules were broken, the offending contestant would forgo the extra cash along with the sacred blue tick (which happened to several salty contestants).

Just you wait, we’ll probs soon be hearing goss about the Bachie blokes copping hefty penalties from Ten for partaking in the spoilery viewing party. What a mess.

The Bachelors continues tonight at 7:30pm on Ten. Missed episode one? Check out our recap!