Yikes: Apparently Several Bachie Stars Have Already Lost Their $5k Bonus For Breaching Contract

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The Bachelors stars who went on the show for either Instagram fame or moolah (read: probs all of them) are in for a rude shock because some have them have already been stripped of their privileges.

The So Dramatic! podcast has reported that there were multiple contract breaches among the cast before the season even bloody started airing.

“One girl has already lost her bonus and there are a few other girls who are possibly going to lose theirs,” a contestant told the poddy.

“We all got a massive email from the head producer a few weeks ago saying there has been a contract breach and someone has leaked stuff to the media. They threatened us all with losing our $5,000.”

On a separate occasion, another gal got done for talking shit at a cafe.

“One of the contestants was overheard in a Melbourne cafe talking about her Bachelor experience and it got back to producers and she got in massive shit,” a contestant revealed.

“None of us think she’ll get her bonus because of that one incident. They’re so strict.”

But wait, that’s not all!

Let’s not forget Jessica Tomlinson losing her $5k bonus before the season even started by appearing on MAFS.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the lead blokes on The Bachelors were also at risk of losing their bonuses given that they’ve been misbehaving as well.

Last week, the lads Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh were spotted at a Bachie viewing party sans partners and rings, leading folks to believe that they may have ended up single. Um, spoiler alert!

Jed has been unintentionally dropping clues that he ends up single for some time now and has been reprimanded as a result.

Jed, along with old mate Jessica, recently got a stern talking to from the network after their public antics which included Jed cavorting with MAFS stars.

“When the leads have so many projects ready to drop and promote before the show, it ruins the integrity a little and the illusion these people are there looking for love,” an anonymous source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“They’ve been told to hold off with their side projects until after the show has aired.”

An insider confirmed this to Daily Mail Australia, claiming that Ten swiftly fired off a spicy email after Jed was seen at the aforementioned MAFS event, warning him and the other blokes and contestants not to hang with “embarrassing” MAFS stars or they’ll be penalised.

“An email went out to the cast, including the leading men, [telling us] to stay away from the stars of MAFS,” the insider told the site.

“It said they were embarrassing, and if we wanted our blue ticks and $5,000 bonus, we had to stay away from any events or other reality stars.”

So yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if almost all the stars of The Bachelors walk away without their bonuses since they’ve been v. naughty all season.