Apparently The MAFS Bosses Are Pissed After A Groom Posted A Video That ‘Spoils The Ending’

mafs 2023 dan hunjas spoiled ending

Married At First Sight‘s Dan Hunjas has apparently felt the wrath of reality TV producers scorned after he (pretty blatantly) spoiled the ending of his marriage to Sandy Jawanda. It has been one (1) week of this show and this is already happening from a MAFS groom.

Sources told Yahoo Lifestyle that the MAFS bosses have warned other contestants about sticking to their contracts after Dan was papped with wedding guest, nurse and owner of incredible norks, Samantha Louise Symes.

The photos — and an Insta video indicating that Dan didn’t get a “happily ever after” — also apparently resulted in the groom getting a stern talking-to from the MAFS team.

“Dan had some very angry phone calls from production and publicists and he was made an example of to other cast members,” the source claimed.

“They’ve all been reminded about the contracts they signed and how they have to play the part until their relationship ends on-screen.”

So not only has Dan been allegedly torched by the MAFS team but it’s also caused the rest of the cast to get stern warnings of their online behaviour while the show runs its course. You gotta wonder if these people actually read their contracts or simply just do not care about fucking around and finding out.

If the photos of Dan and Samantha having a snog at the casino last week weren’t enough to convince you that he definitely didn’t get out of the MAFS experiment with Sandy then the Daily Mail’s recent pap shots of the couple all over each other at the beach at the weekend seal it.

They’re really not doing much to keep coy or conceal Dan and Sandy’s fate on the show. In fact, they’re doing the opposite of all that.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to the Married At First Sight team for further comment.

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