MAFS’ Dan’s New GF (Not His Wife) Has Defended Her Relationship With Some Spicy Insta Comments

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Married At First Sight (MAFS) has kicked off another wild season full of chaos, calamity and destruction, and my last two brain cells are simply ready to explode. In the latest news, newlywed Dan Hunjas, 42, has been spotted on a date with someone other than his new bride Sandy Jawanda, 36. The best part is, his new boo was a guest at the pair’s on-screen wedding. Spicy.

In pics obtained by The Daily Mail (but of course), the marketing tycoon can be seen sipping on margaritas and making out with Gold Coast nurse Samantha Symes at the GC’s Star Casino.

A full video clip of them dancing to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” was also discovered if you wanted to spend your night watching that for some reason.

Symes has finally spoken out in a bunch of brutal Instagram comments.

“Sadly people don’t realise reality TV is anything but real! And it’s not live television,” she said in one comment.

“People need a life. Who cares about MAFS or this crap,” she said in another.

Screenshots of Symes’ Instagram comments, courtesy of So Dramatic!

“Ain’t nothing real about reality tv,” she says in another comment.

“It was filmed how long ago[?] The people act like it was filmed last week.”

Now, I’m no detective, but Miss Samantha is clearly not denying anything about her relo with Dan. Even more, she’s implying that old mate’s relationship with Sandy isn’t real and is just for the telly. A fake relationship on MAFS? Well, hot damn.

Here’s Samantha below, who you may remember from her brief appearance on MAFS at her “friend’s” wedding. The tea, the tea, the tea!

In an image of the same dress captioned “bitter late than never,” Dan and Samantha seemingly exchanged flirty remarks in the comments section.

samantha symes dan hunjas comment instagram

My guy, why did you apply for this show if the woman you really wanted was right there all along? Did you forget that publicly smooching your friend could spoil the ending of the show you’re on which JUST started? These MAFS folks, they never learn.

Also, I might be reading into things, but that caption seemingly implies that someone might be bitter that the two are together now? Is that a jab at Sandy? My mind is racing.

To make matters worse, Samantha posted another pic on her Instagram of Dan grabbing her thigh and kissing her cheek. I dunno guys, something tells me Sandy and Dan don’t make it as a couple. Just a hunch.

mafs married at first sight dan hunjas
Image: Instagram @sam_symes_nurse.

An anonymous friend of Hunjas’ told The Daily Mail that his relationship with Sandy was doomed to fail from the start.

“Dan and Sandy had nothing in common. He lives a completely different lifestyle, while he and Samantha share very similar values and interests,” they said.

All I want is for Sandy to find a man that treats her with respect. Knowing that she might be single now gives me hope that this person is coming her way soon. Dan just isn’t the one, it seems.

Besides, she copped a heap of racism at that wedding and that’s the last thing our queen deserves.

Keen to see her with a new boo soon whose friends aren’t judgmental and rude.