MAFS’ Harrison Just About Fumbles The Bag On Live Telly When Questioned About Dan & His New GF

Married At First Sight (MAFS) star, Harrison Boon AKA Bunnings Daddy has had a very awkies encounter on Today Extra when asked about his co-star Dan Hunjas‘ current dating sitch.

Harrison chatted to Today Extra in the wake of the bonkers commitment ceremony last night where he mentioned that Dan is dating Brisbane nurse Samantha Symes. The revelation comes just months after he and his on-screen wife Sandy left the experiment so that Dan could spend his days frolicking in the ocean or some shit.

David Campbell, host of Today Extra, asked Harrison if there was any “crossover” between Dan and his former wedding-guest-turned-girlfriend (?) Samantha.

Harrison appeared more than a little bit uncomfortable with David’s question and it was quite literally written all over his face.

Co-host Belinda Russell was quick to fire back at Harrison after sensing how awkward this line of questioning had become.

“Oh, look at his face!” said Belinda.

Despite his face telling an entirely different story, Harrison was quick to keep bro-code alive and covered for his mate, insisting there was no crossover between Dan’s two relos.

“No, no, no, not during the experiment,” Harrison said. “I think they were friends and then something happened.”

Harrison continued, “I can’t speak for Dan.”

“I’d give [the gossip] to you guys if I had it,” he said. “Honestly, from what I heard from Dan, they were friends for a long time and they never really explored anything until he got out of the experiment.”

I’m still not convinced it was all this tidy.

Earlier in the interview Harrison also revealed that the boys’ WhatsApp group chat was ripping Dan after his exit from MAFS on Sunday.

During the commitment ceremony, Dan made it his personal life mission to reaffirm that the reason he wasn’t compatible with Sandy is because she doesn’t love the ocean like he does?? Okay, Ariel.

His bizarre ocean monologue made him an easy target in the MAFS grooms’ group chat, with Harrison saying: “The boys have not let Dan off lightly.”

“The group chat was lit with memes about him returning to the ocean, Dan’s head on a dolphin… very funny,” Harrison said.

Someone leak this Dan/Flipper crossover ASAP, please.

Whilst we may never know if Dan was seeing someone else while he was getting married on live television, at least we can sleep peacefully knowing even his mates roasted him for those whack-ass ‘beach life’ comments.

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