A Source Spilled Bulk Tea About The MAFS Grooms’ Wild Night & Dan Isn’t As Innocent As He Says

MAFS 2023: A picture of Janelle looking smug, next to a picture of Dan Hunjas who was thrown under the bus last night by Harrison Boon

TEA: It turns out the number-swapping debacle on Married At First Sight 2023 last night was way messier than we thought (how is that even possible?) because a sneaky MAFS source has revealed Harrison Boon was *not* the only groom to crack on with a lass on their wild night out after all.

According to insider intel from Daily Mail Australia (grain of salt, etc) Dan Hunjas — who, if you don’t recall, was the allegedly innocent guy Harrison threw under the bus to cover his own ass when it came out that one of them had exchanged numbers — actually did hit on a girl at the bar, despite his insistence that he didn’t. And so did Cam Wood, who seemed to get out of it all unscathed.

“These guys are meant to be committed to their new wives, but couldn’t resist temptation,” the source told Daily Mail Australia.

They claimed “drinks were flowing” and the guys were being rowdy AF, “shouting, cheering and causing a scene” at the venue.

“It’s a wonder they didn’t get kicked out of the bar,” they said.

Apparently things got pretty heated when the grooms got back to their hotel and plotted how to hide all this shit from their wives.

“Dan wanted no involvement in the scandal and was trying to play this ‘good guy’ card. He was trying to throw the blame all on Harrison,” the source claimed.

Okay, as delicious as this tea is, that last line makes me wonder if the source is actually three Harrisons in a trench coat since this sounds weirdly in line with his claims last night.

Anyway, apparently MAFS producers were “super pissed off” that none of this drama was caught on camera (me too, guys, me too) and retaliated by giving the guys a strict 8pm curfew. Naughty boys!

ICYMI, the main scandal from last night’s dinner party was that Janelle had overheard Dan speaking to her hubby on the phone about exchanging numbers with a girl while they were out, and wasn’t sure if she should tell Sandy, Dan’s on-screen wife.

This probably wasn’t the bombshell it should have been since we already know Dan either cheats on or doesn’t end up with Sandy, judging by those pics of him making out with one of the women who attended their wedding. YIKES.

Anyway, while Janelle debated how to handle the situation, Harrison came over thinking they were talking about him because he was the one who actually hit on a girl at the bar (guilty conscience much?), realised they weren’t, and proceeded to pretend it was Dan all along.

Dan, for his part, assured Sandy that Harrison was lying, he did nothing wrong and he wanted to have trust between them. Wow. She apparently “didn’t believe him” and was “deeply hurt”.

But wait, there’s more!

According to Daily Mail Australia, on-set sources said Dan’s claims of innocence were BS and earned him the nickname “Denial Dan”. Sorry but I am losing it over that. Give whoever came up with that a pay rise.

A production source also claimed Bronte, Harrison’s wife who decided to believe him when he said he only accepted that girl’s number to avoid hurting her feelings (LOL), actually only went with it to stay on the show.

Surely the (fairly average) pay for being on MAFS is not worth having to shack up with someone like Harrison. I’d sooner deal with an ant-infestation.

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