Apparently MAFS Bosses Are ‘Fuming’ ‘Cos Bonkers Shit Keeps Happening When Cameras Stop Rolling

MAFS Expert John Aiken looking disgruntled

It looks like some of our Married At First Sight guinea pigs are in deep doo doo with the big bosses for doing naughty things off camera. That’s right! The issue isn’t that they were misbehaving, but that they were carrying on like pork chops when the cameras weren’t rolling. Never change, MAFS. Never change.

If you’re a raging MAFS fan and simply can’t continue living lest you hear a spoiler, I’d say now is a solid time to stop reading because I’m going to be dropping bombs left, right and centre.

Are we good to go now? Lovely. So, as hinted at the end of Tuesday’s episode, some serious shit goes down between Claire NomarhasJesse Burford and Adam Seed.

That’s right, folks: it’s a cheating scandal! We’ve already unpacked it based on tea from So Dramatic! but, basically, Claire and Adam share a wee smooch together and Jesse catches wind of it and confronts them both, only for Adam to deny the whole thing.

Another “source” corroborated the story and spoke to Daily Mail Australia about it. Or maybe it’s the same nosy Nellie doing the gossip rounds? We just don’t know.

Alas, I digress. According to the insider, the pash happened in front of several co-stars at a pub in Sydney after a bunch of them went to the footy.

“Claire and Adam were all over each other the whole night, so it wasn’t surprising to be honest,” an “onlooker” said, whatever that means.

“They said they were just going for a vape. She and Jesse were pretty much done by this point.”

Ahhh, the ol’ “choofing off for a suckle of the electronic teat” chestnut. We’ve all been there!

Apparently Adam “pressured” Claire to keep quiet about the kiss and told her he’d deny it ever happened if questioned. Bit fucked up TBH but that’s not my circus, nor my monkeys.

“There was nothing to it, really. It was a drunken kiss and [Jesse] was trying to turn it into something it wasn’t,” a source said.

Another insider (how many are there, JFC) told Daily Mail Australia that Jesse was cut when he found out, but Claire didn’t consider it cheating because there wasn’t much going on in their marriage. Given how traumatising their relationship has been thus far (I will never forgive Jesse for the shoosh incident) she’s not wrong.

The juicy part in all this is that according to Daily Mail Australia, MAFS‘ producers were “fuming”  about the incident.

“They weren’t angry that it happened. They were just pissed off it didn’t happen with cameras around,” one contestant said.

TEA and also LOL. Macking people you’re not partnered to is fine but as God as my witness, there’ll be hell to pay if you don’t do it in the company of the cameraman!

What’s even more TEA and LOL is that the producers reportedly responded by imposing an 8pm curfew for all cast members. It’s giving me in Year 7 going to the movies to watch Wild Child with the girlies.

No more late night hijinks for you, naughty MAFS contestants!