MAFS’ Harrison Reckons The Gals Get A Better Edit Than The Blokes And Tell That To Olivia & Dom

MAFS Harrison Boon standing in front of curtains wearing a white t-shirt with text on screen which reads: "do u wanna hear my thoughts about endometriosis now"
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Resident Married At First Sight clown Harrison Boon has once again donned his big, floppy shoes and red nose on the radio by claiming the women on the show cop better edits than the blokes, and that MAFS would be nothing without him.

Legit cry me a fucking river, babes. I’m playing the world’s saddest song on the smallest violin known to man just for you.

Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa interviewed Harrison on Thursday morning and, credit where credit’s due, the bloke is a braver person than I am considering on Monday, B105’s StavAbby and Matt hung up on him mid-interview ‘cos he was being so fucking annoying.

I know Harrison will take literally any opportunity to flap his lip but if I were called a “loser” on the radio, I’d move to the American Midwest, adopt a Scandinavian name and live the rest of my days in an Amish community. You would simply never see me again.

But alas, I digress. Wippa asked Harrison about *those* leaked texts between Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda, in which she called him a “dumb cunt”. The co-host said her language “shocked” him (whatever that means), but also made the point that Dan was, you know, being Dan.

Harrison, however, somehow took this as an opportunity to blame Big Editing on viewers not seeing the brides’ real behaviour.

“The thing is there’s so much of Sandy’s behaviour that doesn’t get shown, like if you actually watch the show this year,” he said.

“And I think I can say this broadly now — the women are 100 per cent being protected by the edit.

“There is so much of Bronte [Schofield]’s behaviour we don’t see, so much of Claire [Nomarhas]’s behaviour we don’t see. So much of Sandy’s behaviour that we don’t see, Lyndall [Grace]’s behaviour we don’t see.”

My brother in Christ, please shut up. If you actually watched MAFS this year and stopped being an endometriosis warrior for five minutes, you’d have seen how Melissa Sheppard was depicted as the horny mum with zilch boundaries, and how Tayla Winter has been nothing but nasty to her husband Hugo Armstrong.

And if you watched MAFS last year, you’d have seen that the producers had no problem giving Olivia Frazer the villain edit (completely justified, TBH), as well as giving her ongoing feud with Domenica Calarco loads of screen time.

Reality television shows have no problem demonising women — we saw Tash Candyce become the resident Regina George on The Bachelors this year, for example — so IDK what on Earth Harrison is yapping on about.

The bloke continued to blame MAFS‘ ~editing~ for not giving us the full scoop on Sandy and Dan’s relationship.

“The thing that isn’t shown is there is a lot of behaviour that Sandy was doing that Dan didn’t think was compatible with him,” Harrison said.

“And that’s not really shown, like, they don’t show Sandy sleeping in til midday while Dan is out going for a run, [going] to the gym.”

Fitzy said Dan could still hang out with her in the afternoon and that Mr Beast-Mode was “gaslighting her”, and you know what? He’s right and he should say it. Who knew Fitzy was our voice of reason?

Editing conspiracy theories weren’t the only topic Harrison banged on about; he also took his radio appearance as an opportunity to announce he’s god’s gift to MAFS.

“As much as people hate to admit it, if I wasn’t on the show it would be a very boring season,” he said. BRB, vomiting.

“I’ve definitely come in as the lightning rod for this season. I think I’ve got a big personality and I’m quite controversially outspoken, which is a good dynamic for the MAFS franchise.”

He also said there were a few times during filming when he wanted to leave, but was reportedly told by producers that his presence was vital to the show’s existence.

“I was basically told that if you leave, we don’t have a show,” he claimed.

“Like it’s just going to be the other cast members and there’ll be no one in there to sort of create that friction, which is essentially what we need.”

IDK, Evelyn Ellis certainly did a good job of putting Dan in his place during Wednesday night’s episode. I think MAFS would be OK without ya, Harrison.

Speaking of the other contestants, Harrison said he reckons Duncan James and Alyssa Barmonde and Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook are the MAFS couples who are legit in love. Pretty cute, I must say.

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