MAFS Fans Want Harrison To Be Nominated For A Logie After Tonight’s Award-Winning Performance

Harrison Boon on MAFS crying on couch during Commitment Ceremony. Tweet overlaid which reads: "there's no way Harrison is a real person"

I am hyped up on cold and flu because for some reason I’ve caught a cold in the middle of a schvitzy Perth summer, thus the events of tonight’s MAFS Commitment Ceremony have induced proper delirium.

Case in point Harrison acting like Bronte was dying of consumption at home and he was being forced to go to work to buy a loaf of bread for his family of eight.

The man was alone on the Ouch Couch tonight because Bronte, who has endometriosis, was having a flare up and was in a lot of pain. Completely fair enough — I don’t have endometriosis but I used to get period pain that was so bad I’d do a Claire and vomit (SORRY) so I don’t blame the poor girl.

But rather than just saying, like, “Bronte is sick tonight” the man essentially started screaming, crying and throwing up on the couch. It genuinely looked like he was about to start sobbing and beg MAFS experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla to free him from the shackles of the Commitment Ceremony so he could tend to his dear wife as she drew her last breaths.

The internet was confused. Was Harrison … trying to spin it into a situation whereby he copped empathy ‘cos Bronte was sick? Was he hoping the casting director of Home & Away was watching so they’d book him? Was he simply on the most divine pharmaceutical concoction known to man? We just don’t know.

No one is trying to minimise Bronte’s endometriosis — it’s absolutely horrendous. But Harrison feigning empathy and crocodile tears when, in reality, he couldn’t give two shits about her “endo-do-metriosis” (his words, not mine) was ludicrous.

It was so obscene that MAFS expert John essentially told him to STFU and that he was being insincere. Twitter was happy that John wasn’t putting up with his shit.

Many more things happened tonight on MAFS (Alyssa having a conniption for no reason! Adam and Janelle leaving!) which you can read about here via our recap.

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