MAFS Fans Are Fetching The Bug Spray Bc Bronte’s Hideous Metamorphosis Into Harrison Is Complete

MAFS Bronte pulling a stank face and tweet overlaid which reads "Bronte adding GST to her stories again"

I’d like to take this opportunity to give noted MAFS gronk Harrison a warm round of applause for successfully handing the shit-stirring baton to his on-screen wife Bronte, who has proven herself to be just as gronky. They said it couldn’t be done yet they’ve both managed to exceed our expectations. Well done.

We all know Harrison loves nothing more than throwing a grenade, sitting back and watching the chaos evolve around him him. Well, tonight Bronte was all like, “Hold my beer!” ‘cos she did the exact same thing and decided to fuck Melinda and Layton‘s shit up.

The gal started lecturing Layton about how Melinda is gaslighting him, invalidating his feelings and possesses more red flags than a Matador. The irony of this did not go over Twitter’s head.

The worst thing about it all was that Layton … just accepted it? Completely thought that Bronte was the modern day Plato and everything she was saying was elite wisdom? Even though he’s seen how many lies she spits out and the torment she’s put Melinda through?

The good people of Twitter were confused. They were shocked. But alas, that’s what happens when one graduates from the Harrison Boon School of Gaslighting — they become the teacher.

I mildly lost interest in what was happening (is it just me or are the episodes getting slightly boring? Anyone?) and it felt like everyone was just saying WORDS, but basically Layton asked the producers to tell Melinda that he wouldn’t be moving back into their room. A dog move of the highest order, let’s be real.

Melinda then knocked on Harrison and Bronte’s door to find out WTF she did to her husband and Bronte proceeded to manipulate her, as well? And then Melinda and Layton had a horrible fight and I almost started crying watching her cry?

Then Bronte started lying through her teeth at Galz Night about the way in which Layton told her he wouldn’t be moving back in with Melinda, which was BS ‘cos we saw the conversation when they were having their “asayeeehhh” bowls.

And it was in that moment that the internet decided Bronte had become Harrison 2.0. The gaslighting protégé.

It looks like she does another fucking runner at tomorrow night’s dinner party so at least we’ll have a bit of reprieve.

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