Rogue Footage Of Bronte Dissing Harrison At A MAFS Reunion Viewing Party Is Here & Go Off, TBH

MAFS' Bronte Schofield sipping red wine with white text on screen which reads "teehee"

Rogue footage has leaked of Married At First Sight‘s Bronte Schofield dissing her on-screen husband Harrison Boon at a reunion viewing party and honestly, it’s funny as shit. There’s something about watching other people react to iconic MAFS scenes which makes the actual show even funnier. A Gogglebox scenario, if you will.

ICYMI, ol’ mate Harrison got wrecked at Sunday’s MAFS reunion dinner party when he brought printed screenshots of messages Bronte had sent a girl he used to date. Nothing says “bazinga!” like a visit to Officeworks.

He claimed Bronte sent the messages in a “very manipulative manner” and it was a “clear violation of my privacy” — serious allegations he wished to discuss with the table.

When he whipped out the cold, hard proof, however, the dinner party descended into abject chaos. The hooting and hollering was deafening.

“In MAFS history, have you ever seen someone use props? Props to formulate their argument?” Ollie Skelton asked in a confessional.

Jesse Burford responded to the ridiculousness of the situation by draping a napkin over his head. Cam Woods made a paper plane out of the receipts. The scene was, without a doubt, one of the best this season.


Harrison has lost control of the class 😅 #MAFS #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia #MAFS2023

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Bronte also thought it was batshit hilarious, and shared her thoughts and feelings about Harrison in a sneaky Instagram Story one of her mates posted.

In the vid, which has been shared by So Dramatic!, Bronte can be seen watching the deeply funny scene on the big screen with a friend and a glass of vino. Strangely enough that’s also how I watch MAFS but because I live alone, it’s just me talking to myself.

“Harrison, you’re a fucking loser. Loooossserrrrrrr!” Bronte said while pulling the loser hand gesture on her forehead. Snaps for embracing your inner Gleek, doll.

“Bye darling, nice knowing you. You’re a loser, bye!”

Simple, yet effective. Bravo.

I’m sure more BTS MAFS viewing party tea will come out over the next few days, seeing as Season Ten’s final episode airs on Monday.

That’s right, folks! There’s only one more episode of MAFS to endure until we can get our lives back and our brain cells can begin the regeneration process. I’m already cracking open the Tia Maria and putting on the footy franks to celebrate.