The Internet Is Begging Someone To Teach MAFS’ Harrison What Gaslighting Actually Means

MAFS groom Harrison Boon standing in kitchen wearing white shirt and backwards red cap with tweet overlaid which reads: "does harrison know what gaslighting is lol"

Harrison, aka the worst bloke in Australia, has literally outdone himself tonight on Married At First Sight by accusing Bronte of gaslighting him while he was gaslighting her. Obviously, everyone is now begging for someone at MAFS to teach this man the true definition of gaslighting.

I literally don’t even know what kicked off their fight because whenever they’re on my screen I zone out and go to my happy place. Every single sentence which comes out of Harrison’s mouth is basically an extended fart noise so I just don’t see the point in listening, you know?

Based on Twitter’s thoughts and feelings, Harrison and Bronte appeared to be fighting ‘cos she said he texted her saying “I’m not leaving”, which he denied because he is the most argumentative and combative man ever.

In reality, what he actually wrote was “I’m not going anywhere”, which … is the same as him not leaving, no? That is what I would think. The internet also believed this.

Harrison then had the fucking audacity to accuse Bronte of gaslighting him, which is arguably one of the more nonsensical and insane things he’s done on MAFS. I know that’s a ‘yuge claim because the man has been nothing short of foul but c’mon, you’ve got to admit that the king of gaslighting accusing another person of gaslighting when they were just, like, telling a story, is fucked?

The good people of Twitter had my back on this one. They were also demanding to know who taught Harrison about gaslighting because they clearly don’t have a clue.

People were also confused by the entire situation because in telling Bronte she was gaslighting him, Harrison was actually … gaslighting her? Was he pulling the double dog dare of gaslighting? We just don’t know what TF is going on anymore.

Some folks reckon Harrison just found out what gaslighting means and is now fanging to use it in every sentence. Absolutely me when I first heard the phrase “you get that on the big jobs”.

Everyone also thought he was being a fucking fool. ‘Nuff said!

What an absolutely horrific start to Intimacy Week. IDK about you but whenever I have the displeasure of seeing Harrison with my own two eyeballs, I become turned off the concept of rooting for the rest of my days.

Obviously, lots of other things happened tonight, including a Jesse redemption arc (I know! I’m as shocked as you are!) and Alessandra encouraging the fellas to give pegging a go. You can read all about it via our horny lil’ recap here.

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