‘What A Loser’: A Local Radio Station Hung Up On MAFS’ Harrison Mid-Call & It Was Beautiful

Harrison Boon on B105 radio for MAFS interview

Married At First Sight‘s Harrison Boon, arguably one of the worst blokes on this season of MAFS, was beautifully humbled live on radio after hosts cut him off and hung up mid-call because he was so unpleasant. We love some direct action.

B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt were on a live call with Harrison on Monday morning, doing the usual post-MAFS tea round-up, when they had to deal with his snarky attitude.

The second the interview started, he interrupted Abby twice which she laughed off awkwardly.

After Harrison said he couldn’t find love, Abby asked him about his secret relationship with Bachie gal Abby Miller who he was dating a week before he appeared on MAFS. Instead of being normal, he threw a tanty and complained he had already been asked by others about that relationship.

Sir, what do you think these press tours are for?

“I don’t know if I can cover this ground any more than I already have,” he said, to which Stav responded: “Try us.”

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“I think I’ve talked this point to death,” Harrison complained, doubling down that there was nothing to talk about before downplaying the relationship to a “fling” and dragging his TV wife Bronte Schofield. Nice deflection.

Now look, Bronte is not totally innocent but who is he kidding here, we know which one of these two is more of an asshole and it’s not Bronte.

Even though I honestly don’t think she needed to, Abby then apologised and said: “You sound like you’re a guy who’s fed up you’ve talked about this on other radio stations, sorry we haven’t heard it all.”

This wasn’t enough for Harrison though, who seemed to take it as fighting words and responded: “You sound like you’re beating a dead horse”.

Stav and Matt, bless their souls, immediately stepped in for Abby and hung up the call as Matt said, “later Harrison, what a loser”. We love to see them backing one another and not taking any BS!

How good is it when shitty reality stars are a) called out for being rude and then b) actually face consequences for their actions.

Too bad we can’t revoke this buffoon’s fame as easily as just hanging up the phone.

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