Observant MAFS Fans Noticed A Sneaky Moment In The Latest Ep Where Harrison Whispers To Producers

mafs harrison boon secret mic married at first sight producers

An observant Married At First Sight (MAFS) fan has spotted a cheeky moment where alleged anti-vaxxer Harrison Boon talks to the producers through a hidden mic during dinner. Looks like one of the editors is getting Fired At First Sight.

Reddit user u/stephygrl posted the clip of Harrison talking to his mic on the MAFS Australia Reddit page, sending fans into a tizzy trying to think of what on Earth he could be saying.

Watch the quick clip below and join me in trying to read his lips extra carefully.

One commenter noticed that while Harrison clearly has a secret mic, he doesn’t seem to have an earpiece, so although he probably can’t hear producers he sure can talk to them.

“He would need an earpiece to hear communications from the producers,” wrote the eagle-eyed fan.

“I don’t recall any of the contestants wearing earpieces. He can communicate TO the producers through a microphone. To different types of technology. One is for hearing (earpiece) other is for talking (microphone).”

“Maybe he was going for a sneaky little vape?” wrote one commenter.

One individual in the comments claimed to be a producer who worked on MAFS 2022, and revealed what Harrison Boon is probably saying to the producers on the DL.

“Former reality TV producer here,” they wrote.

“He knows he is mic’d and being listened to by producers (all contestants are). He’s 100% asking to go to the bathroom. Happens all the time.”

Oh. So instead of whispering sweet, dirty secrets to his mysterious producer fling while the cameras are turned away he was just… asking for the bathroom? My heart is broken, my dreams are crushed, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

I’m just going to file the idea that he was asking to pop to the loo under “maybe” and keep my options open. I want to believe that the MAFS contestants say the most insane shit to the producers on the other side, but I fear I may be sorely disappointed.

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