SIGH: A Bevy Of Anti-Vax Posts Seemingly Written By MAFS’ Harrison Boon Have Been Unearthed

MAFS harrison boon

Now-deleted anti-vax and Covid conspiracy Facebook posts that appear to have been written by Married At First Sight (MAFS) groom Harrison Boon and his mother Noni Boon have resurfaced online.

Posts obtained by So Dramatic! have been shared online, revealing that MAFS‘ Harrison Boon appears to have spent most of 2020 trying to convince folks on Facebook that the vaccine is harmful and COVID is just a “runny rose”.

“Dead babies are used to make vaccines,” one post from July 2020 reads.

“This is not a conspiracy theory it’s a fact. Does it make you uncomfortable? Good.”

Below this was a video titled “How Many Babies Are Killed For Your Vaccines?”  by Elizabeth Johnston, an American woman known as the “Activist Mommy” and praised in far-right circles for confronting “the lies of abortion, feminism, Islam, and the homosexual agenda with wit and snark.”

So yeah, she’s a fucking idiot.

harrison boon MAFS
Image obtained by So Dramatic!

Other posts contain equally heinous shit about COVID-19.

“At this point being pro-vaccine is to be pro-fascism,” one Facebook post read.

“If you’re so scared about coronavirus that you won’t leave your house until it’s time to get injected with it you may be suffering from stupid,” he wrote in another.

Harrison Boon’s mother Noni Boon also appeared to post anti-vaxxer content online.

“To all the other mothers who are denied seeing their children this Christmas,” a post from October 2021 reads.

“When we next look them in the eye, and we will, know that we stood for something, we did not take the ‘easy road’ and bow down to authority.

“We fought for the freedom of choice and paved the way for resistance to tyranny and dictatorship.”

You might be thinking, this could mean anything Pedestrian dot teevee, she could be talking about the tyranny of parking tickets.

Well in another post read “I am twice unvaccinated and twice unboosted. Never felt better. Natural immunity rules!” and how only truth is given “everlasting life” so it’s safe to say she has some wild opinions on COVID-19.

A massive post about her son was also unveiled by So Dramatic, which talks at length about “agenda”, a “collective force” and standing united for “freedom”.

noni boon facebook
Image obtained by So Dramatic!

I’m interested to see if any of these views will emerge on-screen and cause a bit of drama.