MAFS’ Harrison Did An Interview Revealing Which Contestants Are Faking It ‘Cos He’s An Expert

mafs harrison boon

Married At First Sight‘s (MAFS) very own Bunnings tool Harrison Boon has done a spicy interview in which he revealed which contestants he reckons are faking it for the screen and it’s really just giving bitter jealousy.

In an interview with Woman’s Day (???), the controversial MAFS contestant decided to talk shit about fellow contestants Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton‘s relationship. Because nobody is more of an expert on Tahnee & Ollie than Harrison fuckin’ Boon.

“Tahnee and Ollie are fake,” he told the mag.

“Do I think they’re happy? No.”

Whatever you say, goose.

Boon quickly moved his attention from the lovebird couple to take aim at Evelyn Ellis next. He’s like a shark moving from one blood scent in the water to another. Or a seagull looking for chippies at the beach.

“Look at the cast. Look at Evelyn Ellis for example, she’s a model,” he said.

“Do you really think she struggled to get male attention?”

It really wouldn’t be an interview with MAFS‘ Harrison Boon if he didn’t say some stupid shit. You couldn’t possibly go into an interview with him expecting anything else.

Considering he and his on-screen wifey Bronte Schofield have been accused of faking for the cameras so they could get more screen time, I’m not quite sure he’s really in a position to be pointing the finger at other couples.

I mean, that isn’t the only thing Harrison has ever been accused of. But hey, laying low has never really been a personality trait of his.

If Harrison was in fact telling the truth about Tahnee and Ollie, then they’re doing a very good job at convincing all of Australia they’re in it for love.

Just last month the pair did an interview with New Idea in which they confirmed that having a baby together is something they can “definitely” see happening in the near future.

“We love kids… they are so cute!” they said.

They even spoke about potential baby names, saying they’d love “something unique”, but also suggesting that “Bobby Skelton” would be a cute name for a bub.

I mean, it sure is unique.