We’ve Paired This Szn’s MAFS Stars With Vino & Yes, Harrison Is As Dry As They Come

Sadly, another MAFS season has come to an end. After months of watching these people attempt to form some semblance of a relationship, only six couples are left. Who will live happily ever after? And who will last until the media cycle dies down? 

You’ll have to tune into the final commitment ceremony on the 28th of March to find out. 

In the meantime, we thought we’d pair this season’s MAFS stars to wine, because drinks may be spilled during the finale (and at your MAFS watch party). Oop.

Melinda – Pinot Noir Dry Rosé

Queen Melinda uses her femininity to her advantage and isn’t afraid of calling people out on their BS. Who could forget her grilling Harrison at the dinner party where Bronte stormed out?? 

Melinda is perfectly balanced – just like the Cupio Pinot Noir Dry Rosé. With floral notes, fresh raspberry and strawberry flavours within a pinot noir, Melinda may have had this season’s biggest image change.

be fr right now

Jesse – Pinot Noir Bagnum

Another huuuuuge image rebrand of the season is Jesse.

Upon first impressions, you may think of him as an uncultured man-child, but once you get a bit deeper, you can see that he’s actually a decent guy. Hence why Jesse pairs perfectly with the Pinot Noir Bagnum

Burdened by its reputation of being less than desirable, Cupio has given the goon bag a total rebrand (à la Jesse post-cheating scandal) and may now be the most charismatic wine at the picnic. Although Jesse has said ‘See ya’ to the experiment, we can still toast to what could’ve been. 

maybe next time, buddy

Evelyn – Shiraz Nouveau

Ever since she and Rupert arrived on the scene as a new couple, Evelyn has stolen the show. 

That’s why the 27 year-old model pairs well with the Cupio Shiraz Nouveau. This wine is adaptable to any scenario and has hints of French chic about it. 

Over the course of the season, we’ve seen Evelyn become a key leader amongst the group and is always there to back her friends. But don’t cross her à la Tayla at the couple’s retreat.

With a deep ruby red tone (which is definitely Evelyn’s colour), this drop has flavours of ripe fruit and cherries but is balanced with its acidity. Sums up Evelyn perfectly imo.

that’s shiraz nouveau, to you

Tahnee – Pink Moscato

With her sparkly dresses and kind smile, Tahnee is surely taking home MAFS’ Sweetest Contestant Award. That’s why it makes sense that Tahnee pairs perfectly with a pink moscato

The flavours are easy-drinking summer fruits with a sweet musk-y overtone, perfect for the golden girl herself. Plus, everything looks better in pink. 

pretty in pink

Harrison – Dry Sparkling Rosé

Not many contestants have been drier (or more surprising) this season than local villain, Harrison. Hence his wine choice being a dry sparkling rosé. Will he pop his cork? Will there be hints of sweetness tonight?

Maybe the dryness will cut through the sugary vibe like Harrison at a dinner party? Who knows. 

But don’t worry, this wine is actually more sweet than Harrison himself (not a hard task, tbh).

what are you talking about??? I’m sweet.

Claire – Pinot Noir

From day one, Claire has gained a lot of screen time thanks to her big heart and big personality. While some of her behaviour has been questionable (cough, cheating scandal, cough) there’s no denying that Claire has had more emotional intelligence than 95% of the other contestants.

Claire matches well with a Cupio Pinot Noir because of its rich, full palate and the fact that the grapes are picked at “optimum maturity”. We love to see it and wish Claire the best in her love endeavours post-experiment.

what could’ve been.

Look, I’m no sommelier but in my humble opinion 1) this is all correct and 2) surely you need a good drop of vino to pair with the MAFS finale?

If this has piqued your fancy, you’re in luck. Cupio is hosting a giveaway over on its Instagram. See how you could win some sippin’ good wine below.

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Between break ups, declarations of love, and subsequent brand deals, a glass of wine won’t go amiss. Enjoy the finale, folks.