MAFS’ Melinda Willis Reveals WTF Happened W/ Tahnee Cook After Unfollowing & Posting *That* IG Story

MAFS Melinda Willis and Tahnee Cook fallout IG instagram story feud fight friendship

Married At First Sight’s Melinda Willis has come out and said she doesn’t “wish to continue a friendship” with MAFS co-star Tahnee Cook. Ooft, the girlies are fighting!

ICYMI, there’s been a rift developing between the former friends, with Melinda unfollowing Tahnee on Instagram recently. Fans were quick to notice with one asking her what had happened. In response, Melinda answered the question with a quote that said: “Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.”

This spurred Tahnee into action, who told Yahoo! Lifestyle she felt Melinda’s Instagram Story was “hurtful” and revealed she’d tried to contact her former friend privately but had received no response. 

“As far as I’m aware – nothing has happened, so this entire situation has confused me, to be honest… I don’t agree with how this was handled so publicly after no attempt to discuss anything with me in private,” she said. 

Tahnee did say while she felt it was “super disappointing” their situation had been aired in public, she wished “Mel all the best”.

Melinda clapped back and told PEDESTRIAN.TV the end of their friendship “has been a long time coming”, adding that the most “disappointing” part of the whole situation was to hear Tahnee is clueless as to why. 

“In my eyes the quote I shared in response to someone’s question that [Tahnee] is referring to was not cryptic and instead was a quote for my followers about boundaries and how it’s important to have good friends in your life and to be a good friend in return,” she explained.

“Sadly, it’s a little too late for her to now start ‘valuing’ our ‘friendship’ but I appreciate her showing care in articles. I don’t hold any hate or animosity towards Tahnee, I just simply do not wish to continue a friendship with her.”

MAFS stars Tahnee Cook and Melinda Willis

Tahnee and Melinda kept in touch for a while after their season of MAFS aired. (Image: Instagram @itstahnee)

The pair once seemed quite close, with Melinda appearing on Tahnee’s podcast Chuffed earlier this year. The duo talked about their splits from Layton Mills and Ollie Skelton, and gave listeners a cheeky recap of early episodes of MAFS 2024. 

It’s probably safe to say Melinda won’t be popping up on the podcast anytime soon, and it looks like this is all the tea we’re going to get for now. It definitely has all of us MAFS fans in the office verrrry intrigued!

Feature Image: Nine & Instagram @melindarichelle