MAFS Fans Are Sharing Which Cast Members Should’ve Been Paired & Hire Them As Experts Pls

MAFS fan couples

Call me a jaded, reality television-loving gal but after 10 seasons of Married At First Sight, I think we can all agree that not all the MAFS couple matches on the show are intended to evoke everlasting love.

As our reality television literacy has increased over the years, we’ve become far more aware of the sneaky little tricks producers play on the contestants to get some juicy, and occasionally fucked, storylines.

Generally, I’m happy to put my hands over my ears and go “la la la la” so I can enjoy the batshit crazy drama unfolding at the dinner parties. But for many fans, it’s all gotten a bit too much. Especially when it comes to intentionally pairing people together who are as incompatible as me and lactose.

For example, this season they matched a dude who loves the ocean so much he’d fuck it with a woman who is literally allergic to salt water.

The math ain’t mathing.

So instead of continuously banging their head against their television screens, fans have started shipping the combos of the cast that they would have matched together if they were the experts.

It may not be canon to the MAFS universe, but who are we to stand in the way of MAFS fan-couples-lore?

Reddit user u/Severalconcerns, who kicked off the discussion, thinks that Sandy Jawanda would’ve hit it off with Josh White, Evelyn Ellis should have been matched with Hugo Armstrong and Lyndall Grace paired with Duncan James.

Controversially, they thought that Tahnee Cook was a match for Cameron Woods, Bronte Schofield should have been with Shannon Adams and Harrison Boon with Melissa Sheppard. And finally, they reckon that Ollie Skelton would have vibed with Caitlin McConville.

Judging by the fact that Ollie and Tahnee are the favourites of this season, other fans disagreed with the notion that they should be matched with other people.

“Why would you even consider breaking Ollie and Tahnee up, considering how well they get along?” one user replied.

“I only see Ollie and Tahnee genuinely working out,” another said. “They’re so unproblematic the show can’t even edit them or force drama easily onto them.”

Since the post, Reddit users are shipping all sorts of combinations with the current cast.

“Taylah and Shannon would have been hilariously terrible,” one user mused.

“John Aiken and a dishcloth,” another joked.

Imagination and initiative? We love to see it.  If they keep up this energy maybe we’ll see some truly cooked Wattpad fanfics pop up.

We can only dream, my friends.

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