A ‘MAFS’ Bride Is Already On A Dating App & We’re Not Surprised Just Disappointed

Ah man, it’s the age-old struggle with reality shows, isn’t it? How can A+ trash series like Married at First Sight (MAFS) keep the mystery going when the show’s filmed months in advance and therefore contestants are out living their lives while the episodes are airing?

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Queensland hairdresser Ning Surasiang got hitched to former army serviceman Mark Scrivens on Wednesday night’s episode of the Aussie lurve series.

Cop a snap of the newlyweds on their happy day via the official MAFS Insta below:

But was it so happy tho? ‘Coz just hours after the ep aired, she was spotted on a popular dating app by fans of the show, meaning that she and Scrivens do not, in fact, live happily ever after.


It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to viewers that the newlyweds don’t last as their wedding ceremony was awkward AF, to say the least.

Both parties seemed noticeably uncomfortable before and after the ceremony.

so do you like… stuff?

At one point the mother-of-three tried to crack a joke to ease the tension of marrying a bloke she’d just met on national television but it went down like a led balloon.

“That word vomit, it just comes out,” Surasiang said. “I can’t control it!”

Mark made a dig at her sense of humour and said that he doesn’t reckon the pair are on the same page: “Early stages suggest that Ning’s not very good at comedy. Her delivery’s not great,” he said with concern.

get the bott ready for a refill, pls

In a previous MAFS teaser, the hairdresser confessed that she signed up for the show because she needs “to feel love again and know what love really is.”

Here’s hoping the girl finds it via the apps instead.