Obviously there are some hectic spoilers in here, so if you’re the kind of person who really, really wants to see how this season of Married At First Sight plays out then bloody well stop reading! Me, I read every news article about this show but don’t actually watch it, so I am happy to deliver this spicy yarn to all you spoiler-happy weirdos out there.

Okay, so here it is: this season’s former contestant Lauren Huntriss, who was the first “bride” to bow out of the show alongside her “husband” Matthew Bennett (you may recall that she was responsible for popping his cherry on national TV), has blurted out how the rest of the 2019 couples have fared.

And this may not shock you, but they haven’t fared well.

As reported by the Daily Mail thanks to their eagle eyes, they spotted Lauren sharing a zesty little exchange with a MAFS fan in the comments of her Insta page, in which she seemed to confirm that everyone has broken up except one solitary couple.

The comment was in response to someone arc-ing up about Jessika Power opting to stay on the show despite clearly wanting to bone Dan Webb rather than her “husband”, Mick Gould. According to the Daily Mail, Lauren’s response read: “All for ratings sadly. They mismatched all of us except for one couple. It would make for boring TV if we all were happy and drama free, right?”

Might I interject here and say it’s a reality show and not real life and what did you EXPECT LAUREN?

Anyway, detective hat on here: there’s been heaps of split rumours circulating about remaining couples Nic Jovanovic and Cyrell PaulMike Gunner and Heidi Latcham and Mark Scrivens and his “wife” Ning Surasiang. And Jessika and Mick, and Dan and his “wife” Tamara Joy are also looking like they’re headed for a split because of the cheating drama surrounding them.

In fact, only Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson seem to have zero breakup rumours surrounding them, probably because they are the most boring couple to grace our TV screens this year and took four weeks to even have a minor disagreement. YAWN.

But perhaps they are the couple Lauren is referring to? Time — or perhaps more shady Insta comments — will have to tell, I’m afraid.

Image: Channel Nine