Married At First Sight is back, babey! Everyone’s favourite trash-TV aside from Bachelor In Paradise (do not @ me about this. Bachie and Lady-Bachie are a tier higher than trash bc tru luv, OK) is back on our screens like 400 times a week, meaning we can’t escape it, and that is OKAY with me.

This means D-R-A-M-A, and the latest comes from The Daily Mail, who claim a preview for an upcoming ep shows groom Sam Ball, who has been marketed as the ‘Hot Guy’ – sees him commenting on his new bride Elizabeth Sobinoff‘s…. size.

“I’ve never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past,” he allegedly says after seeing Elizabeth walk down the aisle.



Future ‘MAFS’ Episode Seems To Show A Groom Body-Shaming His New Bride

Okay it’s like 100% never OK to say that, ever, ever ever ever – but also let’s take a look at Elizabeth, shall we? Bc like mate if you haven’t dated a girl bigger than this woman, I am sorry but you have maybe been dating actual fence posts with wigs on them and didn’t notice.

Future ‘MAFS’ Episode Seems To Show A Groom Body-Shaming His New Bride
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You likely recognise Liz from MAFS promos – she’s the one being marketed as the ‘Confident Bride’.

There’s a chaaaance his comments were about her height, not her size – Liz looks tall. STILL. Dude. Maybe don’t start your “marriage” by making comments on your wife’s size like, at all.

Liz on the other hand gushes over Sam’s looks, so we’ll see how this all turns out once they actually start hanging out.

Source: Daily Mail
Image: MAFS