The MAFS 2023 Bride Who’s Supposedly Dating Ex-Groom Jackson Lonie Has Finally Come Forward

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Just when we thought the Married At First Sight waters could not get any more muddied, it was recently alleged that ex-groom Jackson Lonie has been dating a MAFS 2023 bride.

As reported on a recent episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, Jackson’s MAFS wife Olivia Frazer went live on Instagram with fellow ex-bride Carolina Santos. Apparently, Olivia appeared to be pretty drunk when she blurted out that Jackson was dating a current MAFS bride in the since-deleted video.

“She didn’t say who it was but she said that she’d messaged Carolina privately as she didn’t want to say it on the live,” a source told So Dramatic!

“It happened so quickly, she just said it out of nowhere. Also, she was quite intoxicated so I’m assuming she let a bit spill that she wouldn’t have normally said.”

After Olivia’s loose lips let go of that supposed secret, Carolina quizzed her on how serious Jackson was with the unnamed woman. Are we talking a full-on relo or just a one-night stand that got leaked?

“Well obviously serious enough that he’s telling me,” Olivia reportedly said.

Welp, we’ve now discovered which bride Jackson is supposedly dating, according to his salty ex.

So Dramatic! has revealed that Jackson has been in contact with MAFS 2023 bride Caitlin McConville.

How do they know? Well, apparently she bloody well told the pod that she’s the mystery contestant who’s befriended the ex-MAFS star.

MAFS groom Jackson Lonie is dating 2023 bride Caitlin McConville

Caitlin McConville, the MAFS 2023 bride Jackson Lonie is supposedly dating. (Credit: Nine)

But hold your horses, folks. Caitlin insisted that they’re just mates.

Jackson previously hit back at Olivia’s claims and told PEDESTRIAN.TV he’s not dating anyone from the show. But he did admit he’s talking to a few contestants so he can give them advice about how to handle public backlash and scrutiny.

“No I’m not dating anyone from the current season,” he said.

“But yes I am talking to a few of them as they needed help dealing with the backlash and what to expect. Being through it myself I’m just giving some advice on ways to handle it.

“Me and Liv don’t talk about who we’re dating because she can’t handle it which is completely understandable. I did tell her I was talking to some of the contestants, so she must have just taken ‘talking’ out of context.”

Well there ya go! Riddle solved.

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