Probably Staged Pap Pics Show Ex MAFS Groom Jackson Lonie With Current MAFS Bride Tayla Winter

After the rumours about ex Married At First Sight contestant Jackson Lonie dating MAFS 2023 bride Caitlin McConville turned out to be false, I thought it might be the end of graduated grooms weaselling their way back into the headlines.

Of course, I was wrong. How could I be so naive?

In photos released by The Daily Mail, it seems that Lonie has been hanging out with current MAFS bride Tayla Winter.

In case you missed it, Winter was matched with Hugo Armstrong and their relationship was an absolute disaster from start to finish.

In fact, Winter even legged it back to her home in Tassie a couple of times before the pair finally called it quits during Wednesday night’s dinner party.

But now that Tayla is a free gal, The Daily Mail have released a bunch of pics from late January which show Lonie and Tayla getting pretty chummy on a night out in the Goldie.

Slime man Dan Hunjas is also there and kind of appears out of nowhere to be honest.

My favourite thing about these staged pics, which you can see HERE, is how the paparazzi seems to follow them out of the bar and into the street as they walk home.

Maybe they went to kick-ons too?

But I digress.

Since Lonie’s ex-girlfriend Olivia Frazer went live on Instagram with fellow 2022 MAFS bride Carolina Santos and spilled that he was dating one of the current brides, there’s been a hell of a lot of speculation over who the lucky gal could be.

However Lonie has previously denied these claims. He told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he’s not dating anyone from the current cast. He’s just been chatting to a few contestants to give them some sage advice.

I like to think someone tussled his hair and said “go get em’ tiger” seconds before this pic. (Credit: Channel Nine / Married At First Sight)

He’s been in their shoes, he’s walked their treacherous path, if you will.

“No I’m not dating anyone from the current season,” he shared.

“But yes I am talking to a few of them as they needed help dealing with the backlash and what to expect. Being through it myself I’m just giving some advice on ways to handle it.”

Look, the MAFS experience is a lonely road and only fellow contestants can truly understand what it’s like to have your love life thrown into the public zeitgeist overnight. But my spidey-sense is telling me that Mr Lonie is using this as a bit of a tactic to slide into some DM’s.

No shade here, king. Do what you gotta do.

I will say this though, old mate seems to really be into outspoken blondes.