‘The Cast Were In Tears’: Apparently There Was A Wild Scene Cut From Last Night’s MAFS Ep

Tayla Winters From MAFS Married At First Sight Shares emotional speech that was cut

Married At First Sight (MAFS) is jam-packed with teary moments but it has been reported that we’ve been robbed of a really emotional speech from Wednesday night’s episode.

According to The Daily Mail, polarising Tassie bride Tayla Winter presented a “raw and vulnerable” letter during that cluster fuck of a dinner party that apparently left everyone in tears.

To feed ya a little context: Earlier this week, Tayla yeeted out of the experiment after the couples retreat without telling her reality TV hubby Hugo Armstrong. Armstrong only found out about his runaway bride when Claire pulled him aside for a chat — only ‘cos Tayla texted Claire about her escape plan — during Wednesday night’s episode. Tayla then surprised the bejeebus out of everyone when she showed up for the fifth dinner partay.

The Daily Mail reports that Tayla presented a three page letter to the cast, with a source telling the publication, “She didn’t tell anyone about it. She just pulled the letter from underneath her dress and began reading it out.”

But what was in the letter? Supposedly, the letter contained the reason why Tayla had kept her guard up in the experiment, but the specific details were never shared by this unnamed source.

“Tayla was very raw and vulnerable… it was a side that none of the cast had seen from her,” the source added. “It was tough for everyone. The cast were in tears and ran over to comfort her”.

After Tayla’s speech, it’s reported that the whole cast showed their support for the bride, especially Alyssa Barmonde and Cam Woods, but her hubby Hugo was not phased by her emotional letter.

The MAFS producers reportedly ran in after the Tassie bride shared her speech, applauding her for her bravery.

The unnamed source told The Daily Mail that Tayla had achieved a “newfound respect” after she read the letter, and that it “changed the way the cast treated and looked at her.”

Look, most of us know that reality TV is not real and someone has gotta cop the villain edit, but we also love balance and a moment where someone shares their softer side.

To get married to a random stranger? Yeah that takes a lot of balls but to expose your softer side? That’s a whole other level.

Whenever Tayla is ready to share that side to the public, we hope that she receives an immense amount of love and support.