It’s time to cull your Instagram’s ‘Following’ list and make space for the new Married At First Sight Australia contestants. Horrid, I know, but they’re all anyone will be talking about come January 30 when MAFS Australia officially launches for 2023. Better to at least brace yourself, right?

Maybe they’ll find love on the show like a handful (lol) of other MAFS Australia contestants. Maybe they’ll become MAFS 2023’s biggest villain. Or maybe they’ll just be good enough looking for your grid. No judgement. Whatever your reasons are to make them worthy of a follow, that’s on you.

Where to find the MAFS 2023 cast on Instagram and TikTok

Jesse Burford

Instagram: @jesse_burford
TikTok: @jesses_face_covers + @jesses_commentary


Thy Art Is Murder – Killing Season – Face Cover #thyartismuder #facecovers #metal #guitarcover #drumcover #australianmetal #deathcore

♬ original sound – Jesses_Face_Covers

Oh look it’s that MAFS 2023 groom Jesse Burford from the trailers who appears to have a problem with women who exist. Anyway, he is a marriage celebrant from Perth. The logo for that business is a devil horn hand gesture that says “ceremonies that rock!” over it. I am not lying. I don’t have as many dealbreakers as him but using the word “rock” to describe anything outside of geology dries me right up.

Melinda Willis

Instagram: @melindarichelle

MAFSMelinda Willis already has more than 149,000 Instagram followers which is a number people would only dream of having after the show, let alone before it. (For context, Cody Bromley from MAFS Australia Season 9 has around 89,000 followers, but his content is about as enticing as he was during his time on the show).

Anyway, Melinda is a beautician from Brisbane so if you want to follow her, be prepared to have a bevvy of beauty products spruiked to you constantly. Several former MAFS stars like KC OsborneJules RobinsonJoshua Pihlak and Jason Engler already follow her for some reason.

Shannon Adams

Instagram: @shan_adams_44

Married At First Sight 2023 MAFS 2023 MAFS Shannon Instagram

The Instagram DP for MAFSShannon Adams may make you slip off your chair. Unfortunately if you’re thirsty, his profile is on private and 36 abdominal muscles are all you’ll be treated to for now.

Unsurprisingly, this apparent 10/10 competed in the 2019 Manhunt Australia Male Model of the Year competition and has starred in shows like Blue HeelersNeighbours and Rush as a child.

Bronte Schofield

Instagram: @_bronteschofield
TikTok: @_bronteschofield


I feel attacked lol 🦂 #scorpio #starsign #tattoo #perth #sydney #australia #fyp

♬ original sound – Joshua Pingley

MAFSBronte Scholfield is followed by Season 9’s Brent Vitiello? Bronte also has more than 11,000 Instagram followers already. Both of these things are likely because she appears to be incredibly hot but I can neither confirm nor deny the reasoning.  Bronte’s Instagram is currently on private but her TikTok is public.

Oliver Skelton

Instagram: @skeltonollie

Where You Can Find The New MAFS Cast On Socials Because They’d Just Love That, Wouldn’t They

According to Daily Mail Australia, MAFSOliver Skelton has starred in advertisements for Kmart, Manscaped and Koala. The account manager has also done voice overs for Channel Nine. He is from Perth because 95 per cent of all contestants on all Australian reality shows are from Perth.

Janelle Han

Instagram: @janellemyh
TikTok: @janellemyh

With more than 528,000 TikTok followers and over 36,000 Instagram followers, it’s fair to say that MAFSJanelle Han is making a pretty strong impact before even hitting the TV. Well, she’s making a strong impact on me at least. Her videos are great and she is the type of beautiful and cool where I’d be honoured if she punched me.

Adam Seed

Instagram: @adam_seed13
TikTok: @adamseed13

Where You Can Find The New MAFS Cast On Socials Because They’d Just Love That, Wouldn’t They

MAFSAdam Seed has moved from London and is a co-owner of something called “Meta Competitions”. I tried to figure out what it’s all about but honestly it does not and may never make sense to me, however it gives me pyramid scheme vibes.

Adam has appeared on reality TV before — a British game show called Coach Trip. MAFS‘ Brent follows him and apparently they are mates IRL, which I’m sure will do wonders in maintaining his relevancy.

Caitlin McConville

Instagram: @caitlinmcconville
TikTok: @caitlintaylormcco

Married At First Sight 2023 MAFS 2023 MAFS Caitlin Instagram

MAFSCaitlin McConville is a makeup artist and I hope she serves looks fiercer than that time MAFSSamantha Moitzi looked like she was participating in The Hunger Games.

Looking at the one pic her Instagram will let us see (it’s on private but boasts more than 16,000 followers), she looks like a bad bitch in the best possible/most endearing way. I am here for it.

Duncan James

Instagram: @duncan__james

Married At First Sight 2023 MAFS 2023 MAFS Duncan Instagram

My instincts tell me never to trust a man with two first names however MAFSDuncan James is followed by two fairly normal people that I know, so he too might be nice and normal.

Looks like he works in cyber security in Sydney which also feels nice and normal. And lucrative. 

Tahnee Cook

Instagram: @itstahnee
TikTok: @itstahnee

Married At First Sight 2023 MAFS 2023 MAFS Tahnee Instagram

MAFSTahnee Cook is a Sydney-based podcaster and honestly, I’m glad to see the podcast come before the show rather than afterwards for once. MAFS‘ Tahnee is basically already an influencer having participated in #ads with brands such as Bondi Sands, Mermade Hair, Rimmel and wait for it… Showpo.

Any guesses who the retailer will collab with after the show commences? TAHNEE X SHOWPO coming atcha, pals.

Her Instagram — which has a few thousand followers — is on private but you can follow her here. Tahnee’s TikTok is also private and has more than 19,000 followers.

Dan Hunjas

Instagram: @danhunj

Where You Can Find The New MAFS Cast On Socials Because They’d Just Love That, Wouldn’t They
According to his LinkedIn bio, MAFSDan Hunjas works in “Marketing, Mindset, Performance Psychology, Thought Leader, Culture Creator and Public Speaker” and he also has his own marketing agency.

“Dan is up well before the sun most days of the week where he can be found on a beach walk taking in the sunrise and finding his place of flow,” his company’s website reads. Love a third person analysis.

“Once the sun has risen, it’s game on… it’s all about what adventure can be had today! That may be climbing a mountain, paddling a river or exploring a new location and the magic it has to offer.” He sounds lovely yet too adventurous and kind for someone of my spirit.

Melissa Sheppard

Instagram: @mel_sheppard1

MAFSMelissa Sheppard is a hairdresser who runs a salon with her twin sister Samantha in the Northern Beaches. The Block‘s Mitch Edwards is one of their clients so do with that information what you will.

Harrison Boon

Instagram: @harrison_boon_
TikTok: @harrisonboon

harrison instagram

Construction worker by day and stripper by night, MAFSHarrison Boon is sure to get some viewers wet and hard. He is from Sydney which makes sense for him to entertain at those parties people have before they get officially married. His profile is currently on private but treat yourself to a nice, likely topless surprise the day he goes public by following him now.

Alyssa Barmonde

Instagram: @alyssa_barmonde + @alyssabakescakes
TikTok: @alyssabakescakes + @alyssabarmonde

MAFSAlyssa Barmonde bakes cakes and it seems to be a pretty successful venture given she has almost 50,000 followers on her Instagram and TikTok business accounts combined.

She’s a mum and she looks very wholesome, but I guess time will tell. I’ve been fooled before.

Cam Woods

Instagram: @yepcams_on

Married At First Sight 2023 MAFS 2023 MAFS Cam Instagram

A tradie. From Darwin. Who has a Blue Heeler. Who he travels with. WHY IS THIS MAN ON A SHOW TO FIND LOVE? I WILL LOVE HIM. MAFSCam Woods has his Instagram on private, as well as what appears to be his travel account. I have requested to follow both for research purposes only.

Claire Nomarhas

Instagram: @cforclaire_

claire instagram

MAFSClaire Nomarhas is a kindergarten assistant from Melbourne and shock horror, her Instagram is on private. One of her followers is Elena Kara from Stan’s dating show Love Triangle which interests me.

Something else that almost interested me was Claire linking another account in her bio called “@cforcooked_”. Unfortunately it looks like a food account and not an account of drunken escapades. Good idea for the taking though.

Layton Mills

Instagram: @laymills

Married At First Sight 2023 MAFS 2023 MAFS Layton Instagram

MAFSLayton Mills is 34 with a shit-ton of tattoos. He works in pharmaceuticals that make cannabinoid-based medicines. This isn’t his first time on TV which scares me — he was previously on Channel Seven’s First Dates Australia back in 2016.

What scares me further is that Big Brother Season 11 contestants Lisa Battle (previously Clark) and Jason Roses both follow Layton, and that he will be getting fake-married to beautician Melissa on the show. Sources reckon they will be a stand-out couple and I do not know if this is a good or bad thing.

Sandy Jawanda

Instagram: @sandyjawanda
TikTok: @sandy.jawanda

Where You Can Find The New MAFS Cast On Socials Because They’d Just Love That, Wouldn’t They

Sandy Jawanda is the co-owner of a dentist in Melbourne and the first Indian bride to be on MAFS Australia. Considering we’re in our 10th season with MAFS 2023, that’s more than a tad concerning. Sandy’s Instagram is on private, like most of the others, and it feels like a smart move to prevent us media from finding shots deep in the grid for our articles. MAFS‘ Sandy does have an impressive 35.3K followers on TikTok but yes, it’s also private.

Joshua White

Instagram: @whitej81
TikTok: @whitej81

Where You Can Find The New MAFS Cast On Socials Because They’d Just Love That, Wouldn’t They
According to his LinkedIn, MAFSJoshua White helped launch The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs. I haven’t played anything from that franchise since I was MSN messaging on a Windows monitor but I do believe that CV addition makes Joshua a king. Who the hell knows with this show, though? Both social media accounts are on private.

Lyndall Grace

Instagram: @10dall
TikTok: @10dall

mafs lyndall instagram

MAFSLyndall Grace is a 27-year-old from Perth who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was three-weeks old. “How can I ask someone to be my forever, when my forever is a lot shorter than theirs?” Lyndall asks in a MAFS 2023 trailer, which is truly heartbreaking.

Married At First Sight Australia premieres January 30, 2023, on Channel Nine.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer who will be suffering through the pain of MAFS 2023 with you. You can follow her here

Image: @melindarichelle, @janellemyh