Insta Is Still On Lock For The MAFS Cast But TikTok Is Fair Game So Here’s Where To Follow Them

By now, we all know where we can follow all the Married At First Sight Australia 2023 cast on Instagram. But because the show is still airing in the UK, the cast’s accounts are still being controlled by Channel Nine’s social media teams rather than the contestants themselves.

Usually, we’d have to be patient little angels waiting for them to take to Instagram Live and spill the unedited tea about their time on the show, but this season’s cast have found a cheeky little loophole: TikTok.

So, if you want to keep track of who is still together or just any rogue gossip that is sure to arise from the drama-loving bunch, we’ve got you sorted.

Where to find the MAFS 2023 cast on Instagram and TikTok

Evelyn Ellis

Instagram: @evelyn.ellis
TikTok: @evelyn.ellis

MAFS 2023 Evelyn Ellis
(Credit: Instagram / Evelyn Ellis @evelyn.ellis)

MAFS intruder Evelyn Ellis came into the 2023 season hot, quite literally, quickly taking the MAFS grooms to town for their shitty behaviour.

As she was on Big Brother UK back in 2016, Evelyn is no stranger to the limelight.
During her stint on the show, she managed to get the most Instagram followers out of the bunch. Now, she’s been crowned as the most likely 2023 contestant to succeed as an influencer after the show.

Along with her own TikTok content, she’s started hyping the launch of an upcoming podcast with her bestie Rice called Bad Grades Podcast.

@evelyn.ellis @RICE 🍚 @Bad Grades Podcast ♬ Don’t Hate Me – Swing Set Version – Lola Young

Jesse Burford

Instagram: @jesse_burford
TikTok: @jesse.l.burford

MAFS 2023 groom Jesse Burford
(Credit: Instagram / Jesse Burford @jesse_burford)

MAFS 2023 groom Jesse Burford had an extensive ick-list when we first met him but he has quickly won the hearts of Australia.

The quirky groom got in a little bit of hot water during the season for creating TikTok while the show was still in it’s early stages back in January. While these two accounts (@jesses_face_covers & @jesses_commentary) have now been disabled, he’s got a new account.

There’s only one vid so far but I’ll be following in the hopes he goes rogue again.

Tayla Winter

Instagram: @taylawinter
TikTok: @taylawinter1

MAFS 2023 Tayla Winter
(Credit: Instagram / Tayla Winter @taylawinter)

Considering how outspoken she was on MAFS, intruder Tayla Winter‘s Instagram is pretty non-eventful. Like, white-borders-in-2023 levels of ‘huh’. I did not expect this from her. Sorry.

Meanwhile, her TikTok presence is equally confusing.

@taylawinter1 I have no idea how to use Tik Tok.. BUT it’s fun! #imafknloser ♬ Miss You – Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz

Rupert Budgen

Instagram: @rupertbudgen
TikTok: @rupertbudgen

MAFS 2023 Rupert Budgen
(Credit: Instagram/ Rupert Bugden @rupertbugden)

MAFS intruder Rupert Budgen may not be the most well-spoken king, but he genuinely seems like a sweet pea.

On TikTok, the vibes are immaculate so far. He’s only got two videos. One of which he’s singing along to ‘These Words’ by Natasha Bedingfield, and in the other, he’s doing a fit-check with his friends from MAFS.

I am here for it.

@rupertbugden My 15 seconds is over but heres a nice lil memory @oliverskelton4 #mafs #mafsau ♬ original sound – Rupert

Melinda Willis

Instagram: @melindarichelle
TikTok: @melinda.richelle

MAFS 2023 Melinda Willis
(Credit: Instagram / Melinda Willis @melindarichelle)

MAFSMelinda Willis already had more than 149,000 Instagram followers before even going on the show so it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing on the platform.

As we now know, Melinda is a CEO and beautician from Brisbane so if you want to follow her, be prepared to have a bevvy of beauty products spruiked to you constantly.

Several former MAFS stars like KC OsborneJules RobinsonJoshua Pihlak and Jason Engler already followed her before the season even started, for some reason.

@melinda.richelle 🫶🏻 @Layton Mills ♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

Hugo Armstrong

Instagram: @_hugo_armstrong

MAFS 2023 Hugo Armstrong
(Credit: Instagram / Hugo Armstrong @_hugo_armstrong)

MAFS intruder Hugo Armstrong‘s Instagram at present has no signs of the c-word.

While he’s appeared on some TikTok vids, he doesn’t seem to have an account of his own (that we know of!).

@pedestriantv Interesting! Catch the last episode of ‘We’ve Done The MAFS’ with Hugo & Ollie on Spotify now. #wevedonethemafs #marriedatfirstsight #hugoarmstrong #mafsaustralia #lyndallgrace #evelyn #evelynellis #mafs ♬ original sound – PEDESTRIAN.TV

Shannon Adams

Instagram: @shan_adams_44

MAFS' Shannon Adams
(Credit: Instagram / Shannon Adams @shan_adams_44)

Follow MAFSShannon Adams, if you want. While I thought he would try and revive his acting career and post about it on the ‘gram once the season had wrapped, he hasn’t done that yet.

So far he’s debuted a very shredded rig and apparently started delivering Uber Eats. But according to an insider, he’s also started therapy since watching himself be an ass on the show.

I love this character arc for Shannon!

Bronte Schofield

Instagram: @_bronteschofield
TikTok: @_bronteschofield

MAFS' Bronte Schofield
(Credit: Instagram / Bronte Schofield @_bronteschofield)

MAFSBronte Schofield was already followed by Season Nine’s Brent Vitiello and had more than 11,000 Instagram followers before the season even started. Now, despite copping a pretty rough edit on the show, she’s reached 90.3k followers. Not too shabby!

On TikTok, Bronte is already taking the piss out of her marriage with Harrison Boon.

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right doll?

@_bronteschofield Whole of Australia inserting their ✨Bombastic Side Eye✨ #fyp #imdone #mafs ♬ Make an actual original video for once – Mage Man

Oliver Skelton

Instagram: @skeltonollie
TikTok: @ollieskelton

MAFS 2023 Oliver Skelton
(Credit: Instagram / Ollie Skelton @skeltonollie)

There he is. There’s our unproblematic king.

Now that we know his relationship with Tahnee Cook is still stronger than ever, we’ve already seen some cute lil’ snaps of the duo on Insta.

But with voice-over artist Ollie, TikTok is where it’s at. Although he only has two videos on his actual account, the sweet, silly prince energy I wanted to see is bountiful.

@ollieskelton MAFS Day 21 in Skye Suites. Help. #mafs #mafsau ♬ original sound – Ollie Skelton

He’s even teamed up with Janelle Han to put his impressions to good use. Peep the cooked, yet excellent vid below.

@janellemyh NEW SERIES! MAKING OVER MAFS: @Ollie Skelton 😎 Who should i do next!? #MAFS #johnaiken ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

“No, babe, keep the John Aiken cosplay ~on~,” said Tahnee… probably.

Janelle Han

Instagram: @janellemyh
TikTok: @janellemyh

(Credit: Instagram / Janelle Han @janellemyh)

With more than 528,000 TikTok followers and over 36,000 Instagram followers before the show started, it’s fair to say that MAFSJanelle Han is already in successful influencer territory. Now that she’s comfortably resting on 77.2k followers on Insta and 507k on TikTok, I can’t wait to see which heights she’ll climb to next.

Her videos are great and she is the type of beautiful and cool where I’d be honoured if she punched me.

@janellemyh Some of my MAFS looks bruv 😎 #mafs #mafs2023 ♬ Bruh – Hovey Benjamin

Adam Seed

Instagram: @adam_seed13
TikTok: @adamseed13

(Credit: Instagram / Adam Seed @adam_seed13)

MAFSAdam Seed did terribly on the show this year. I’d almost forgotten about him after he slept with Janelle on the same night he cheated on her with Claire Nomarhas.

If you would like to follow Adam for an insider look into his 27 jobs, go for it! I personally can’t wait to see his attempts at influencer stardom — Adam’s been on like 270 reality shows before and even his MAFS wife thought he was hungry for the fame.

Caitlin McConville

Instagram: @caitlinmcconville
TikTok: @caitlintaylormcco

(Credit: Instagram / Caitlin McConville @caitlinmcconville)

MAFSCaitlin McConville had a healthy 16,000+ Instagram followers before her MAFS husband Shannon belittled her on national TV. She’s now up to more than 72.4k and if there’s one benefit from being paired with a master-douche, let it be that.

On TikTok, she’s been slaying some make up transformations. If you want to see her go from bare-faced beauty to glamazon, you know where to go.

@caitlintaylormcco With the Queen herself 👸🏼 @Janelle Han #mafs #mafsau #marriedatfirstsight #marriedatfirstsightaustrailia #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Caitlin Taylor McConville

Duncan James

Instagram: @duncan__james

I will be followsing MAFSDuncan James for extremely obvious reasons that have nothing to do with his incoming brand collaborations.

He may not have TikTok but if he did, I’d be following that too.

Tahnee Cook

Instagram: @itstahnee
TikTok: @itstahnee

(Credit: Instagram / Tahnee Cook @itstahnee)

As one half of this season’s golden couple, Tahnee Cook seems to be ~thriving~.

She’s gained a bunch of followers, currently residing on 112k on Instagram and 31.6k on TikTok.

Tahnee certainly knows what to do with social media, having participated in #ads with brands such as Bondi Sands, Mermade Hair, Rimmel and wait for it… Showpo.

Any guesses who the retailer will collab with after the show commences? TAHNEE X SHOWPO coming atcha, pals.

Dan Hunjas

Instagram: @danhunj

(Credit: Instagram /Dan Hunjas @danhunj)

It’s a no from me but if you appreciate the ocean then MAFSDan Hunjas‘ Instagram might be up your alley.

We didn’t see much of Dan during the reunion due to an alleged biff during the boy’s night which caused the producers to edit him out. I wonder if he’ll come out swinging with some juicy tea when he gets his Insta account back.

Melissa Sheppard

Instagram: @mel_sheppard1

MAFS’ Melissa Sheppard doesn’t have a whole lot happening on her Instagram.

Her stint of MAFS was brief and when it came to her objectification and masculinity ideals, problematic.

Since leaving the show she has taken to Insta to apologise to her on-screen hubby Josh White.

Harrison Boon

Instagram: @harrison_boon_
TikTok: @harrisonboon

(Credit: Instagram / Harrison Boon @harrison_boon)

I think we can all agree Harrison Boon was one of the most entertaining yet annoying grooms of the season.

Since the show wrapped, he’s been extremely outspoken about his bad edit and claims that if we saw the whole story, we’d all be on his side.

On TikTok, Harrison has been posting a bunch of stuff. There’s some cute videos of his kid, along with vids making fun of his shitty edit on the show.

Edit aside, have you seen the anti-vaxx posts that appear to be written by him, though? Sigh.

@harrison_boon am i a narc? @Jesse Burford 🫢 #thepav #narcissist ♬ SEND IT! – Hooligan Hefs

Alyssa Barmonde

Instagram: @alyssa_barmonde + @alyssabakescakes
TikTok: @alyssabakescakes + @alyssabarmonde

(Credit: Instagram / Alyssa Barmonde @alyssa_barmonde)

MAFS’ Alyssa Barmonde was under the radar for most of the experiment until things with Duncan started to go south. At final vows, he broke up with her and she left the experiment copping a pretty bad edit and a whole lotta hate online. Poor thing!

But despite the hate, according to her socials, she’s still pals with pretty much everyone in the experiment. Makes you think, huh?

Thankfully, she’s a resilient queen and is on both Instagram and TikTok, using the spotlight to boost her new cake baking business. And judging by this cheeky lil’ vid, it looks like she’ll be releasing some merch.

@alyssabakescakes #ihaveachild ♬ original sound Alyssa Bakes Cakes

You run with those 15 minutes, doll!

Cam Woods

Instagram: @yepcams_on

(Credit: Instagram / Cameron Woods @yepcams_on)

Country boy Cam Woods reputation has definitely had its ups and downs during the experiment. But since he was a wanker to Lyndall Grace and got his dick out on a FaceTime call in a club with Tayla Winter, his positive public image has waned.

The good news is, Cam is now back in Darwin living his best life. If you want to keep up with his fishing, camping and, uh, out running a crocodile endeavours, chuck him a follow.

Claire Nomarhas

Instagram: @cforclaire_
TikTok: @cforclaire_

(Credit: Instagram / Claire Nomarhas @clforclaire_)

Claire Nomarhas got a bad rap after cheating on her on-screen husband Jesse, however, I am absolutely a hot girls with tattoos apologist (…I’m working on it). And now that it seems like the wayward smooch is water under the bridge between the two of them, I think we can go back to appreciating Claire’s immaculate style.

Before the show started, Claire linked to another account in her bio called “@cforcooked_”. Unfortunately it looked like a food account and not an account of drunken escapades. Good idea for the taking though.

As for TikTok, it’s giving millennial who is trying her best. I mean that in the best way possible. This is wholesome, my friends. Protect her at all costs.

@cforclaire_ Novas #MAFS Dinner Party! So much fun! Thanks @Fitzy & Wippa ♬ Memories – DJ Zaan

Layton Mills

Instagram: @laymills

(Credit: Instagram / Layton Mills @laymills)

As we all now know, Layton Mills works in pharmaceuticals that make cannabinoid-based medicines so I thought we’d be expecting a lot of CEO energy from his account. Especially since he’s been on TV a few times before.

But instead of grabbing this opportunity with both hands, making a TikTok and absolutely embracing those 15-minutes of fame, he’s been kind of quiet.

I’m sure he’ll be back to his business bullshit when he gets his Insta account or maybe we’ll see Layton and Melinda become the ultimate CEO influencer couple.

Lyndall Grace

Instagram: @10dall
TikTok: @10dall

(Credit: Instagram / Lyndall Grace @10dall)

MAFSLyndall Grace had a pretty stunning edit throughout the season. While her romance with Cam didn’t work out, according to Instagram and TikTok, she’s made some life-long friends.

Say it with me: “Awwwww”.

On TikTok, Lyndall has caused quite a stir with fellow bride Bronte for accidentally spoiling the end of the season for UK viewers. Oops!

But it is worth noting that Lyndall has great style and for that, she’s worthy of a follow.

@10dallcharity work is a thankless job 😮‍💨♬ original sound – alli_bellairs

Sandy Jawanda

Instagram: @sandyjawanda
TikTok: @sandy.jawanda

(Credit: Instagram / Sandy Jawanda @sandyjawanda)

Sandy Jawanda was robbed of her experience by being paired with Dan who was more obsessed with the ocean than her. Jokes on him, though, because Sandy’s a certified 10 serving looks on her social media.

Fun fact: Sandy had an impressive 35.3K followers on TikTok before the show even started and now she’s on 65.4k.

@sandy.jawanda Love when an old tik tok is so fitting for where you’re at 🙊 💩 😂 #mafs #sandymafs #mafsau2023 #sandyjawanda #mafssandyanddan ♬ original sound – Sandy Jawanda

Joshua White

Instagram: @whitej81
TikTok: @whitej81

(Credit: Instagram / Josh White @whitej81)

Joshua White is gone but not forgotten after leaving the experiment (and his wife, Melissa) earlier on in the season. Since the show wrapped I feel like our Disney daddy had a bit of a glow up. Love that for him! He’s on TikTok sharing various musings. Nothing to write home about yet though, I’ll be honest. Keep at it, king!
@whitej81Always a weird feeling when I’m on Kent Street.♬ original sound – whitej81

Married At First Sight Australia is available on 9Now.