MAFS’ Tayla Has Revealed WTF Happened When Cam Got His Cock & Balls Out On FaceTime

MAFS Tayla looking disgusted saying "cock??" and Cam looking equally disgusted saying "balls??"

Married At First Sight‘s very own Tassie devil Tayla Winter has spilled the tea about whatever the fuck that nightclub dick video situation involving Cam Woods was. I’d like to take a moment to thank MAFS for rotting my brain to the point where I understand exactly what that sentence means, and it isn’t simply a random string of words spat out by ChatGPT.

ICYMI, Daily Mail Australia reported on Monday that after filming wrapped up, Cam got his dick and balls out on FaceTime for Tayla while he was at Da Club. If I’m being honest I read the headline while enjoying my WA-centric public holiday (read: off my tits on five oat iced lattes watching Community) and thought it was just some elaborate, deeply specific dream. But alas, it was a real piece of literature.

“Cam FaceTimed her while at a nightclub and showed her his dick,” a source told Daily Mail Australia.

“She just laughed off the incident, but she was impressed.”

Again! A legitimate piece of writing. She was impressed.

Now Tassie Devil Tayla has taken to The Kyle & Jackie O Show (where else!) to dish the dirt.

“He was really drunk and I was drinking with all of my friends as well, and I’m pretty sure it just happened,” she explained.

“He said: ‘Do you want me to get it out?’ And I said: ‘Yeah, I dare you to.’ And I didn’t think that he actually would.”

The elusive dare. Who among us hasn’t dared a platonic mate to flash their genitalia? Anyone? No?

Tayla clarified the whole sitch was just a one-time thing and confirmed she and Cam never “hooked up”.

She also said he was a “loose cannon” who “doesn’t really care too much about getting his thing out”.

You simply have to laugh, don’t you? You have to let out a mighty snort like a giddy little piggy rolling around in mud and cackle at the fact Tayla attributed Cam’s loose cannon to him being … a loose cannon.

And then you have to continue howling because when Tayla was asked for a review of the penis (which is a fucking foul question to ask, let it be known) she replied: “Cam is … all around good looking.”

Now, I’m not saying that Tayla and Cam have bumped uglies — we just don’t know and Tayla said they never hooked up.

But isn’t it just an odd situation to happen among mates? For the conversation to somehow descend into cock territory? Specifically, the meat and two veg of one friend? And asking if the aforementioned carrot and two potatoes can be unloaded from the shopping trolley for the other to inspect? Because I think it’s a bit rogue.

At least Cam asked and didn’t just hang brain unsolicited. I don’t know if daring someone to unsheathe their gonads constitutes as explicit consent but alas.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Cam’s on-screen wife Lyndall Grace wasn’t happy about him unveiling The Thing™ to Tayla and confronts them both at the upcoming MAFS reunion. Yay for drama!