MAFS’ Harrison Boon Claims A Whole Heap Of Scenes Were Cut ‘That Would Sway The Audience’

Even before Married At First Sight (MAFS) wrapped for the season, Harrison Boon was pretty vocal about how he believes he received a bad edit on the show. But now, in a tell-all interview with The Daily Mail, Harrison spilt the tea on the scenes he thinks “would completely sway the audience” if they made it to air.

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There’s a lot to unpack here, so stick with me and don’t forget your grain of salt as we have a geez at Harrison’s side of the MAFS story.

Harrison believes Bronte copped a good edit

Harrison is a firm believer that if we saw half the shit that fell to the cutting room floor we’d be on his side. Instead, he says the edit he received painted him as a “manipulator, a narcissist and a gaslighter.”

“I watched the entire season with clenched teeth with my blood boiling for most of it because I thought ‘this is not fair’. At no point did they even try to attempt to tell my story, they told Bronte’s story,” he told The Daily Mail.

“The edit was completely on Bronte’s side for the entire thing. So many scenes were cut that would’ve completely swayed the audience. I think if people actually saw what I was reacting to, they would’ve thought, ‘This guy’s just a reasonable bloke whose not gonna put up with shit,” he continued.

“If they saw the stimulus, and what I was reacting to in the first place, most people would probably think “this guy is extremely patient, he puts up with a lot and he just won’t take shit from anyone. And I think a lot of people would respect me if they saw any of the story through my lens,” he said.

It’s not the first time he’s made comments about the edit, either.

Previously, he also alleged that the women on the show are being “100 per cent protected by the edit.

I feel like Olivia Frazer is a good case study to prove otherwise but okay.

Bronte’s behind-the-scenes plan

During their time on the show, Harrison and Bronte were constantly in the headlines for various text and voice memo scandals.

ICYMI, it seemed like their perfect wedding day came crashing down when Bronte realised Harrison had a secret girlfriend outside of the show. But over time, leaked messages revealed the pair had matched on Hinge before they went on the show, and that Bronte already knew he was not only going on MAFS but had a relationship with a former Bachelor contestant Abby Miller right up until their wedding.

According to Harrison, Bronte showed him the screenshot of when they matched on Hinge. At the time, it didn’t ring any alarm bells but in hindsight, he thinks she always had a plan to use him for fame and the screenshots prove she was telling that plan to her pals.

“She was gonna use it against me,” he stated.

“I think that’s the most narcissistic, the most gaslighter [sic], the most manipulative thing someone could have done,” he said.

When the leaked voice memos came out, Harrison said it made him feel the same way he felt when he got cheated on by a previous partner.

He proceeded to go all in on Bronte, claiming that she was “lying through her teeth” and willing to do anything to get screen time on the show, even alleging that she wanted to be “the next Dominica Calarco“.

Bronte never confronted him

Despite having many issues with her on-screen hubby, Harrison claims that Bronte never brought up any issue with him. Instead, he claimed she’d turn to her sister Kirra Schofield to do the talking, referring to her as a “prosthetic spine” for Bronte.

“Bronte didn’t stand up to me once the whole experiment,” he said, adding that if she a problem with their relationship she should have brought it up in the commitment ceremonies with the experts.

He says that he walked off during their confrontation during home stays because the conversation was not going anywhere, but the edit made it look like he stormed off in a rage.

“I didn’t storm off. I stood up. There are parts that got shown, but not enough to give full context,” he revealed.

Harrison’s biggest regret

Harrison says his biggest regret on the show was letting himself be manipulated by producers to stay on the show.

“[The producers] would say things like, you know, ideally we would want you to go to final vows,” he explained.

“And then everything they would talk me into doing, I kind of would do, hoping it would help the edits in some waym and they fucked me anyway,” he said. He also claimed that every thing he did would be “highlighted in a negative way.”

“They had enough material to cut a completely different season of MAFS and they never showed it,” he said.

I know we all have our own opinions on Harrison. But for a man who is upset about the narrative spinning about him on the show and in the media, he’s certainly talking some serious shit about Bronte.

You can see the full interview here.