MAFS’ Bronte Is Wrapped Up In Another Leaked Text Scandal & Girlie Pls Get Better Friends

MAFS leaked text

For the last few weeks, Married At First Sight viewers have hypothesised that Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon faked their relationship for clout. While it has just been hearsay and speculation up until this point, some potential leaked text evidence has come to light. The MAFS court is in session.

The Daily Mail published a series of leaked texts allegedly sent by Bronte to another bride.

The texts discuss how Bronte had planned to stay on the show until right before the final vows, saying her piece to her dirty dog of a hubby and then yeeting herself out of there before final vows.

“Trust me babe, I got it all figured out. I’m smarter than I look,” she wrote, which is low key hilarious.

“I don’t think I want to make it to final vows but at least 7th or very last [commitment ceremony] and then say bye.”

But then her brain starts ticking.

“Unless I make it to final vowels [sic] and pull a Brent on him,” the texts read, referring to Season Nine when Brent Vitiello waited until final vows to slam his on-screen wife Tamara Djordjevic for her shitty behaviour on the show.

“Honestly – the shit I would say to that bloke would be fkn BRUTAL if shit continues the way it is.”

Huge if true but texts can be notoriously faked.

Change a contact name, send them a bunch of texts and boom, baby, you’re good to go.

If these texts really are from Bronte to another bride, it’s tea. A piping hot brew that will make many fans feel vindicated for calling out Bronte and Harrison’s fake relationship on screen weeks ago.

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But according to The Daily Mail, multiple cast members claim that the text messages existed and that Bronte was confronted about it on camera. However, these scenes were allegedly cut by producers.

“Bronte had a game plan and knew exactly what she was doing all along,” a bride apparently dished to Daily Mail.

“She wanted to play the victim as she said that’s how you get the most followers when everyone feels sorry for you.”

Oooft. Those are fighting words and it makes me want to know who the bride turned spy is.

Because I am a ~sleuth~ I can deduce that the bride who received the text messages has an iPhone, so keep your eyes peeled for iPhone toting brides in future episodes.

Impressed, no?

In case you missed it, this isn’t the first time that Bronte’s texts have come back to bite her. During the first episode of the season, Bronte appeared shocked to discover that her husband Harrison had a girlfriend IRL.

But the thing is, a bunch of leaked voice memos between her and her bestie, Jessica Tomlinson, revealed that she knew the goss before she walked down the aisle and used the information to manipulate her storyline on the show.

Well that backfired, didn’t it doll?

So can the MAFS court truly deduce that the texts are real and that Bronte and Harrison are only still in the experiment for clout? No, no we can’t. Innocent until proven guilty, and all that jazz.

But I will say, if I was on MAFS and my portrayal got that bad, I’d be willing to do anything in my power to improve my reputation and gain more followers for future business deals. But hey, that’s just me.