MAFS’ Bronte Has Been Spotted In A Resurfaced Viral Video Of A Pub Toilet Being Trashed

Bronte Schofield Caught Up In Bizarre Video MAFS

It’s no secret that a bunch of the participants in year’s Married at First Sight (MAFS) have been in the limelight before.

In a cooked twist of events, it turns out our Online Beauty Educator bride Bronte Schofield was in the public eye several years ago, but for all the wrong reasons.

Source: Instagram / @_Bronteschofield

According to the Daily Mail, Bronte was briefly infamous seven years ago when a video went viral showing a bunch of girls unleashing pure chaos in a bathroom at the Innaloo Botanica Bar and Bistro in Perth, Western Australia.

The “wild rampage,” as the Daily Mail labels it, shows one woman in a black dress putting a garbage can on their head and twerking, and another woman in a white dress can be seen kicking tissue paper around.

Daily Mail reports that Bronte is the woman who is sitting on the bench talking to another woman while the other two kick-on in the bathroom.

The video went viral for all the wrong reasons, with many members of the public slamming the women’s behaviour.

In an interview with 9News in 2015, the woman in the black dress that was twerking with the garbage bin said that the video going viral was “every girl’s worst nightmare.”

“I’ve just been completely humiliated by the whole of Australia,” the woman added. She also claimed that she getting death threats and that she was being compared to ISIS.

Bronte Schofield Caught Up In Bizarre Video MAFS
Source: Facebook / The West Australian

Bronte told the Daily Mail this week that she was not involved in trashing the bathroom and she denied doing anything wrong in the video.

To be completely honest, Bronte was just sitting there having a conversation in the bathroom with a bunch of drunk hooligans in the background.

OFC it’s a super messed up thing to be aligned with, but at least she wasn’t the girl that was twerking with the bin on her head.