Here’s How Each Of The MAFS 2023 Cast Plan On Using Their New Fame & Harrison’s Is A Doozy

At this stage of our Married At First Sight journey, we’re all well aware that the contestants are not just going on the show to find love. Yes, finding a hot new flame would be a nice lil’ bonus, but mainly, it’s the followers that count. According to The Wash, the freshly graduated MAFS 2023 cast have already got some plans in the works that put their new followers to good use.

So, let’s see what this gaggle of reality stars have got in store for us once they get their Instagram accounts back.

Tahnee Cook

Sydney-based bride Tahnee Cook is no stranger to content creation and the influencer lifestyle. For the last seven years, she’s worked as a content creator, social media marketer and PR manager across fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

In 2019, Tahnee even hosted a podcast called The Like Us Girls with fellow content creator Tonia Stapleton.

While the podcast’s Insta page is set to private, and all trace of the episodes have been scrapped from the internet, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tahnee uses her new-found followers to re-launch the show or start a brand new one.

Plus, with over 95.2k followers on Instagram and experience in the influencer space, it’ll be a natural progression to see Tahnee raking in the brand deals.

Ollie Skelton

The Wash reported that Ollie Skelton is hoping to use his newfound platform to release a “satirical podcast”.

It’s the perfect fit for the voiceover artist who has not only won over the country for being an absolute sweet pea, but also slaying impressions of fellow cast mates on the show.

Fingers crossed he’ll be doing more impersonations on the pod.

@pedestriantv @Ollie Skelton is far too good at this. Check out the latest episode of ‘We’ve Done The MAFS’ on Spotify for more. #mafs #mafsau #mafsaustralia #hugoarmstrong #marriedatfirstsight #hugo #wevedonethemafs #ptv #marriedatfirstsightaustrailia #ollieskelton #ollie #layton #laytonmills ♬ original sound – PEDESTRIAN.TV

@pedestriantv OBSESSED with @Ollie Skelton’s impersonation of our MAFS queen @Evelyn.Ellis 👑🫶. Catch our chat with Ollie by hunting down the ‘We’ve Done The MAFS’ podcast on Spotify. #mafs #mafsau #mafsaustralia #marriedatfirstsight #ollie #ollieskelton #wevedonethemafs #ptv ♬ original sound – PEDESTRIAN.TV

Evelyn Ellis

After being dubbed the ‘hottest bride ever’ by The Daily Mail, you just know Evelyn Ellis is going to grab that title with both hands and milk it for all it’s worth.

She is currently securing the most headlines of the bunch for simply leaving her house, but allegedly Evelyn is planning on continuing to grow her following as an influencer. She’s also started making moves on a podcast called the Bad Grades Podcast with her bestie, Rice.

@ricetheoriginal Imagine if we did a podcast & told the full story? 🎥🎙️ @Bad Grades Podcast @Evelyn.Ellis #mafs #mafsaustralia #mafsau ♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

While they haven’t posted any videos or episodes just yet, the podcast is well and truly underway. Especially if this TikTok account is anything to go by…

Following her eloquent take-downs of Harrison Boon at the dinner parties, I’m keen to hear what Evelyn has to say on the pod.

Harrison Boon

Look, if you’re from the camp that any publicity is good publicity, then Harrison’s time on MAFS was incredibly successful. Since his stint on the show, he’s become a household name. Not always for the right reason but I guess that’s showbiz, baby!

In a Kyle & Jackie O podcast recorded at the Sydney Easter Show, Harrison revealed that he wanted to use his new public platform to become a motivational speaker and relationship guru.

“I should probably thank the network because now I’ve got so many opportunities to show who I really am beyond their shitty edit,” he said.

“I think use the platform for good, try and spread a positive message and have the discussions people are too afraid to have. There’s a lot of things out there to do with single fathers, even giving men advice to start dating again after they’ve been through a really bad break up,” he explained.

“A lot of men will give dating advice, but they don’t give post-breakup advice. How to find yourself, how to live again after a big set back like that. I think there’s a lot of positive messages i can be spreading  platforms I can be spreading with this platform I have now.”

When asked if he wanted to be Australia’s Andrew Tate, Harrison replied: “No, he wishes he could be America’s Harrison Boon.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll settle for Harrison over Andrew Tate. That’s for sure.

Janelle Han

Like Tahnee, Janelle Han already had a pretty solid audience already on TikTok and Instagram for her work as a beauty influencer. Now that she’s increased her follower count, it’s no surprise that she’s already churning out some A+ content and sticking to that influencer beat.

Also, it was her birthday this week, so a big happy birthday to the Aries queen!

@janellemyh aries szn #birthday #aries ♬ happy birthday

Dan Hunjas

Rumour has it that old mate Dan Hunjas is keen on stepping into the socialite scene and will be present at all the big parties and premieres that invite Z-list celebrities.

Say hi to MAFS pest Nasser Sultan for me!

Alyssa Barmonde

Alyssa Barmonde is a busy mother with a child and her own cake baking business. But that won’t stop her from launching her own podcast!

Alyssa, along with three of her pals, are starting a poddy called Bad Mums The Podcast.

While they haven’t released an episode yet, there’s already an Instagram page for the pod. As a childless person who didn’t even like other kids as a child, I don’t think I’m in the demo for this one but you do you, queen!

Caitlin McConville

Before Caitlin McConville decided to give MAFS a whirl, she had an active OnlyFans page. According to The Wash Online, she plans on re-activating her account.

Judging by the absolutely eye-watering amount of money that previous stars of the show have brought in from an OnlyFans side gig, it sounds like a pretty great option to me!

Melinda Willis

Last but certainly not least is Season 10’s She-EO Melinda. The blonde bombshell was already running multiple businesses within the beauty space. But reportedly, she plans on using her new following to help grow her existing business by stepping into the influencer space.

Well, there you have it. While there’s no word on the other contestants, presumably they’re going to go back to their normal lives rather than attempt a career within the influencer and media space.

A crazy concept, no?