MAFS’ Jesse Has Gone Rogue And Created A TikTok & You’d Better Hurry B4 He’s Forced To Bin It

MAFS groom Jesse Burford on TikTok and expert Mel Schilling looking confused with white text overlaid which reads "babes yr contract"

Married At First Sight‘s Jesse Burford, who is clearly in his YOLO era, is back on TikTok and appears to have uploaded a relationship tease with another MAFS contestant.

No, it’s not Tassie Devil Tayla Winter, but that would be a crossover to end all crossovers if it were. They both have so many icks that I genuinely think they’d find a way to bond over their irrational hatred for normal human behaviours and interests. I have no choice but to stan.

Alas, I digress. Ol’ mate Jesse has dragged fellow MAFS contestant Janelle Han into his newfound TikTok career — a move which is surely set to upset the powers that be, seeing as the guinea pigs haven’t been given the keys to all their social media accounts yet.

In the vid, Jesse stares at the camera and then pulls the same expression I make when another girl from high school announces she’s pregnant via an elaborate Instagram post.

“Can someone teach me how to fricken do this?” he says.

“Janelle? Janelle, can you come teach me how to work this TikTok thing?”

Much to unpack, methinks.

I highly doubt this is some sort of relationship soft launch and reverse couple swap after the whole Claire Nomarhas and Adam Seed cheating sitch. Instead, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he name-dropped Janelle ‘cos she’s ‘yuge on TikTok, thanks to her divine makeup tutorials and cute content. She could be my social media advisor any day of the week, thank you.

In saying that, it’s objectively funny that he name-dropped Janelle because the duo recently sparked dating rumours after they were spotted looking ~cosy~ on several occasions in Perth.

And in our podcast, We’ve Done The MAFS, Janelle played a MAFS-related game of “fuck, marry, leave” with hosts Chantelle Schmidt and Jules Rangiheuea. The man she chose to fuck? Why, none other than a Perth-based marriage celebrant by the name of Jesse.

‘Tis intriguing to say the least.

Similarly fascinating is Jesse’s burgeoning TikTok career. Before MAFS started airing the bloke had two TikTok accounts, @jesses_face_covers and @jesses_commentary, which both appear to have been nixed.

The bio on his new account claims he has “TikTok content cumming soon” so I guess we’ll just need to wait and see what he has in store for us. I am choosing to ignore that rogue spelling choice, FYI.

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