MAFS’ Alyssa Reveals The Absolutely Batshit Lengths Some People Go To Send Her Hate

Going on a reality show like Married At First Sight is a calculated risk. For many contestants, the risky business pays off in the form of brand deals, an Insta following and a positive public profile. But for others who get a not-so-chic edit, their capacity to thrive in a post-MAFS world relies on their ability to see the silver lining. For Alyssa Barmonde, who definitely has a child, it’s been a struggle. Especially after “coincidentally” losing her job after the final episodes aired.

In what is absolutely no surprise, Alyssa told The Daily Telegraph, that she had a pretty rough go following her portrayal on the show. She says that she was made redundant from executive assistant job of seven years, too.

When it rains, it pours, hey?

“It was really dark for a couple of months,” she explained, noting the amount of hate she’s already received directly despite not even having access to her Instagram account.

“It’s unreal, some of the messages people send to me on my personal phone number and business accounts,” she said.

“You can chat about your opinion of me in this highly edited show in person and on social media, but if you find my number, and write up the most vile message I’ve ever seen and hit send, that’s intent to hurt. It’s not on.”

I shouldn’t have to say this but if you’re watching a reality show and feel the urge to cosplay as a detective, find a cast member’s phone number and send them vile messages, it’s time to seek out a therapist because that’s fucked.

ICYMI, Alyssa was paired with heartthrob groom Duncan James. Their relationship fizzled out and ended when he broke up with her at the final vows. While Duncan was heralded as being a dream partner, Alyssa came off as a wishy-washy gal who didn’t appreciate the dude in front of her.

Alyssa preparing to read her DMs.  

Speaking to the Daily Tele, Alyssa explained that she stopped watching the series after the retreat episodes because she felt the producers removed “all context” when her relationship issues with Duncan were portrayed. She said they made it seem like all the problems they had were due to her single parent status.

“It was interesting how they spun that,” she said, claiming that Duncan “didn’t want to spend time with her”. But then when he was on camera he would say that her “availability around parenting my son wasn’t enough time for him”.

Alyssa, along with the rest of the contestants, won’t have access to their Instagram pages until the series has finished airing in the UK.

While Alyssa’s instagram page has now been set to private, she thinks this is another way the producers justifying their edit.

“They’re protecting the show and the narrative they’ve created, rather than letting me have my own voice,” she said.

I’m already terrified for the cast’s mental health with what is probably lurking in their DMs. But for now, many cast members have taken to TikTok where they have the freedom to post and go live whenever they want – a feature that Alyssa has truly made the most of.

@alyssabakescakes #ihaveachild ♬ original sound Alyssa Bakes Cakes

Thankfully, the former MAFS bride says that she’s seeing her therapist three times a week and upped her anxiety meds. Proactivity, we love to see it.

Since losing her executive assistant job, Alyssa has launched her own business baking cakes on Sydney’s North Shore. And, if her TikTok is anything to go by, it seems that she’s putting her 15-minutes of fame to WERK.

Say what you want about Alyssa and her ~questionable~ behaviour on MAFS but now that we’re ten goddamn seasons into this dumpster fire of a show, I think it’s important to exercise some reality TV literacy.

Yes, the cast made the decision to give this show a crack despite the “bad edit” risk that came along with it. But it doesn’t mean we have a free pass to be assholes to them on social media.

Call me a MAFS apologist but everyone is capable of growth. Let’s give em’ a chance.