‘He Really Wants To Be Famous’: Janelle Reckons Her Dirty Dog Hubby Adam Is On MAFS For Clout

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Adam Seed has quickly become everyone’s least favourite MAFS cast member following the revelation that he cheated on his wife Janelle Han with Claire Nomarhas. The fact that Shannon Adams recently left MAFS 2023 also helps.

We sat down with Janelle ahead of the cheating scandal dropping this week, where the beauty influencer revealed that she believes Adam is definitely on MAFS for fame.

“He did tell me during the honeymoon that he’s done a lot of reality shows before,” Janelle explained on the We’ve Done The MAFS podcast.


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“I think he even said he’s done like 10 in the UK because in the UK it’s very easy to do that. And so I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe this is why he doesn’t have a career. He really wants to be famous.’”

As far as we know, Adam was on Coach TripDinner Date and Celebrity Ex in the City. Maybe his other reality TV appearances have been wiped clean from the internet? Plus, he wouldn’t be the only MAFS cast member to be an actor or ex-reality star.

When Janelle, who is a very successful beauty influencer, asked about Adam’s career during their wedding and honeymoon, he became very defensive.

“He wasn’t very good at explaining it,” Janelle told us.

“In my circle of friends, talking about career is very normal, it’s not an offensive thing to ask but it seemed to be offensive to him.

“From what I had gathered, in the past, he has had experience in real estate construction, apparently he worked in like a COVID clinic at one point.

“From what I’ve gathered, he has a lot of jobs but he doesn’t have a career. And I don’t think he knew how to answer that.”

Janelle also thought that perhaps he was intimidated by her success.

“I thought, you know, maybe he’s used to being like a breadwinner or maybe used to being the extroverted, self-assured one,” Janelle said.

“I don’t think he knew how to handle someone who was a bit more independent. I think as well he has a lot of pride. And when someone dares to dent the pride…”

Janelle said that it was his reaction to questions around his career that prevented her from questioning Jesse‘s initial cheating accusations around Adam and Claire. It later came out that Adam did kiss Claire, and then he went home and had sex with Janelle.

“He’s so easily triggered that I really had to pick my battles. I really had to choose when to poke the bear and I just became a doormat.

“He really, at the time, made me feel like I couldn’t speak up and question things.”

I said it during Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud’s relationship and I’ll say it again now: no one should ever feel like they can’t voice their concerns or opinions as an avenue of conflict avoidance.

We love that Janelle’s now stepping into her power.

Chantelle Schmidt is freelance writer and host of the We’ve Done The MAFS podcast. You can follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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