LOL: The MAFS Cast Have Apparently Copped Warnings For DMing Brands On Insta For Freebies

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In news that will surprise literally no one, there are people on Married At First Sight Australia for fame (WHAT NO SAY IT ISN’T SO). Apparently, the MAFS Australia 2023 cast have already copped a metaphorical slap on the wrist for hunting down brand collaborations and freebies before the show has even started airing.

What do you call it when you are equal parts “surely not” and “of course”? Whelmed?

It has literally only been a few days since the MAFS 2023 cast was announced to the public— following a few reveals in the MAFS 2023 trailer — but they have promptly become a bit financially hungry in the wake of their new facial recognition.

According to an “insider” at Yahoo Lifestyle, production spotted the influencer-desperation of their latest tributes when they handed over their Instagram accounts ahead of the MAFS premiere this coming Monday.

“The cast have all handed their Instagram accounts over now ahead of the show, and production have seen some of them already DMing brands trying to score freebies and Instagram deals,” the insider told Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to the publication, Channel Nine has “issued a warning”.

“Some of them have been warned this breaches their contracts and makes the show look like a joke.”

Bury me in one hundred skull emojis. This show is a joke. Surely no one believes otherwise?

Usually I would take what an “insider” says with a grain of salt, however, this is the most believable thing I’ve read without the validation of a credible source. It might even be the most believable thing I’ve heard all day.

It’s not new information that the MAFS cast’s Instagrams blow up throughout the airing of the show. Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco were the most successful from MAFS 2022 in terms of Instagram followings, with more than 500,00 followers each.

But even the less popular MAFS 2022 cast members, like Olivia Frazer, still have a healthy following of more than 180,000.

In fact, last year’s MAFS cast were so popular on social media following their stint on the reality show that it’s become somewhat of an expectation for the production moving forward. Most of the upcoming 2023 cast for MAFS Australia already have followings surpassing double digits on Instagram and TikTok.

MAFS 2023 brides Melinda Willis (149,000+) and Janelle Han (36,700+) already have blue ticks on Instagram and are both in the beauty space.

Evelyn Ellis, who has been named as a MAFS intruder this season, is one of the very few profiles still on public.

She has more than 64,500 Instagram followers and has been pumping brands on her grid in recent weeks. Evelyn was a contestant on Big Brother UK.

Can’t wait to not listen to any of their podcasts.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer who will be suffering through the pain of MAFS 2023 with you. You can follow her here