The Story Of How A Bloke Went From Being This Year’s Bachie To A MAFS 2023 Groom Is Fkn Weird

One of the grooms on the next season of Married At First Sight was apparently dropped from The Bachelor in a crossover event to end all crossover events.

Ultimate goss gurus So Dramatic! reported in a podcast ep that Harrison Boon — a contestant on Married At First Sight 2023 — was originally supposed to be on Bachie.

“Harrison was cast for The Bachelor this year, but they said he was too masculine so was dropped at the last minute,” an insider close to Boon told the podcast.

“Producers then thought he would be good for Married At First Sight so they put him forward.”

Cool, cool, cool let’s just rewind a second: what on God’s green earth does “too masculine” mean? I am wracking my brain against its little house (my skull) to try and figure this out.

Does he exclusively wear flannel and really enjoy woodchopping? Does he have one of those moustache tattoos on his pointer finger? Does he have cartoon muscles à la Popeye after he’s eaten spinach? I cannot work this out.

ICYMI, this year’s The Bachelor actually has three bachelors. Yes, three pieces of bland white toast are gracing our screen: life coach Thomas Malucelli, basketballer Felix Von Hofe and drummer Jed McIntosh. We can only ponder which unseasoned baguette allegedly swept in to replace Boon.

So Dramatic! reported that Boon is construction worker and former stripper who also has a three-year-old kiddo. Adorable.

I must ask though: is the casting pool for Australian reality TV just the same 50 people?

The next season of Married At First Sight has already started filming because there’s absolutely no rest for the wicked. And by wicked I mean reality TV fans ravenous for more drama.

As well as Boon, a couple of other cast members have been revealed too. The brides include flight-attendant-turned-beautician Melinda Willis, influencer and podcaster Tahnee Cook and single-mum-slash-baking-influencer Alyssa Barmonde. Our other groom is entrepreneur Layton Mills.

So Dramatic! has also been the source of another drama-filled MAFS rumour: apparently ambulances had to be called to one of the Byron Bay weddings thanks to a “drug-related incident”.

Production company Endemol Shine confirmed the ambulance sitch in a statement.

“An ambulance was called when a guest required medical assistance at a recent Married At First Sight wedding,” the spokesperson said.

“Production paused for one hour to focus on the guest’s well-being, and they have since made a full recovery.”

From wedding ambulances to an unexpected Bachelor-to-MAFS storyline — which I’m manifesting will be unpacked onscreen — we can safely assume that Married At First Sight 2023 will be no less chaotic than this year’s season. For better or for worse, as those pesky vows say.