Producers Release Statement After Ambos Were Called To MAFS Wedding For ‘Drug-Related Incident’

mafs married at first sight ambulance

Hold onto your pristine white veils folks, ‘cos even though Married At First Sight’s (MAFS) tenth season hasn’t started airing yet, it’s already shaping up to be dramatic as hell. Lord protect us from the bountiful amounts of sin we are about to witness. 

According to the So Dramatic!, during one of the couples’ weddings at Byron Bay an ambulance had to be called to set over a “drug-related incident”. 

“Two weddings were shot in Byron Bay, and during the filming of one wedding, an ambulance had to be called,” a source told the So Dramatic! team. 

According to SD, the ambulance was called “in response to an incident relating to drug use of one of the guests at the wedding”. 

Drug use? At a wedding? In Byron Bay? We’re marching upon strange new territory here. 

A spokesperson for Endemol Shine Australia, the company that brings us Married At First Sight every year, confirmed the spicy rumour (at least, the ambulance bit) in an official statement about the matter.

“An ambulance was called when a guest required medical assistance at a recent Married At First Sight wedding,” the spokesperson said in a statement. 

“Production paused for one hour to focus on the guest’s well-being, and they have since made a full recovery.” 

I wonder if we’re going to see this dramatic moment in the episode when it airs. I can already see the ambulance sirens going off in the trailer now. A bride will look shocked, a groom will look confused and there will probably be a shot of Mel Schilling looking like she’s seen a ghost. 

Season 10 of Married At First Sight is looking like quite the controversial season so far. We’ve already heard rumours that one of the brides is famous for trashing a nightclub toilet once upon a time, and another is slated to be “Olivia 2.0”. 

Oh and there’s also been tea that one of the grooms has been on TV before. We love a cast of characters who are addicted to seeing their faces on the medium-sized screen. It really makes for… a fun and friendly season, let’s just say that. 

MAFS 2023 is coming soon t0 Nine.