A Reporter Crashed The Filming Of MAFS & Proved Just How Bloody Fake Reality TV Really Is

As we’ve been harping on about for a while now, MAFS 2023 has officially begun filming.

Yep, just when you thought it was safe to turn your telly back on, the most cooked show in existence has kicked off production and no one is safe from the ridiculous but incredibly infectious drama.

The latest insight we’ve been given is a spicy video shared by The Wash and MAFS Funny in which they invade the filming of a new episode.

The scene being filmed shows an unknown groom leaving his hotel and jumping into a limo, presumably taking him to his MAFS wedding.

Meanwhile a crew of folks from production watched on along with reporter Josh Fox who works at The Wash and runs popular Insta account MAFS Funny.

As the groom exited the hotel and hopped into the limo, Fox loudly said “Good luck! You’re gonna need it!”

An understandably disgruntled member of production then turned around and said “Can you not? We’re trying to get audio!”

Fox apologised, saying he didn’t realise they were getting audio as well.

They then did a second take and Fox promised to keep quiet… then they did a third, proving reality TV isn’t quite as ~real~ as they would have us believe.

For the third take, Fox had relocated to the opposite site of the street because he “got in trouble” from production.

Watch the whole thing below:

Look, we all knew that reality TV is filled with narratives cooked up by producers and doesn’t reflect actual reality at all. But when you need three takes to film someone simply walking out of a building and entering a bloody vehicle, it kind of spoils the illusion, doesn’t it?

Daily Mail Australia recently shared some spicy pap pics from the new season, showing the brides filming their hens night at Centennial Park’s $15 million The Crossways estate in Sydney last week.

The gals were spotted arriving at the venue for their hens party then subsequently leaving in the wee hours of the morning to go for a post-event Macca’s run. Classic.

Experts Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla were also in attendance and were pictured greeting the ladies as they entered.

While the identities of almost all the brides have been kept under wraps, the publication got their mitts on the IGs of a couple of contestants who will be bringing the chaos on MAFS 2023.

Have a peek at the new contestants including an influencer and a food blogger.

Lord help us all!

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