The MAFS Cast Are In Deep Shit After Going Rogue On TikTok And Breaching Their Contracts

MAFS TikTok screenshots of Timothy, Lauren and Sara

If you’re suffering from Married At First Sight (MAFS) withdrawals, don’t worry! The cast has blessed us with some more messy drama.

Some cast members have been going rogue on social media to make the most of their 15 minutes of fame, leaving MAFS producers fuming. While contestants don’t have access to their Instagram accounts yet, a bunch have created TikTok accounts where they can post on instead.

According to Daily Mail, cast members Timothy Smith, Lucinda Light, Tristan Black, Sara Mesa, Lauren Dunn and Eden Harper are in trouble for breaching their contracts after posting on TikTok. 

Eden Harper and Lucinda Light from MAFS
The MAFS cast have been posting whatever they feel like on socials. (Image: Instagram @edenharper)

The publication claims that producers aren’t bluffing, and are prepared to crack down on the cast.

“This year, the production team has decided to tighten the leash and are not shying away from making an example out of the rule-breakers,” the source said. 

They continued: “A stark reminder has been sent out, underlining the gravity of the legally binding agreements everyone has committed to.”

The publication added that producers haven’t gotten lawyers involved yet, but “gently reminded” the cast that it’s a step they can take. 

Ben Walters speaks out about the MAFS social media ban

One name missing from the list is Ben Walters, the podcast wannabe who exited the show early on. He’s been taking jabs at his ex Ellie Dix and her new boyfriend Jonathan McCullough on TikTok, and he told Yahoo! Lifestyle producers haven’t reprimanded him.

Ollie Skelton and Ben Walters from Married At First Sight
Ben is loving his TikTok freedom. (Image: Instagram @benwalters.tourguide)

“I’m grateful for the MAFS opportunity and many good producers and talent team for getting me onboard the MAFS wagon,” he said. 

However, he isn’t a fan of the edit he received, so TikTok is a way for him to get his story out there. 

He continued: “I feel it’s no different to a musician deciding to leave a label and be independent. I’ve gone a bit bananas on TikTok and they haven’t said a peep.”

The cast will likely be handed the reins to their Instagram accounts once the show has finished airing in May, but if you want to see what they’re up to, you can find all their TikTok accounts here.