Which Married At First Sight 2024 Couples Are Still Together

mafs couples still together 2024

Channel Nine’s Married At Fights Sight (MAFS), AKA the messiest reality TV show ever, has begun and there are already rumours swirling about which MAFS couples made it beyond the lights, camera and dinner parties.

It’s that exciting time of the year again when MAFS fans are glued to their televisions, soaking up all of the juiciness of the newest season. And when the show is not on, you can guarantee that a shit tonne of punters who froth the reality TV clusterfuck are following a bunch of pages dedicated to the goss surrounding the series.

It’s a vicious cycle… BUT MAFS is a shitstorm that you cannot ignore. I mean, it is a show about strangers getting married and trying to forge a relationship on national TV. What’s not to love?

Although we’re only about three weeks into the new season, there are rumours already brewing about which couples have surpassed the pressures of reality TV and those daunting couch ceremonies.

Here’s who’s rumoured to still be together after Married At First Sight 2024

Are Stephen and Michael still together?

(Image Source: Nine)

Stephen came to the rescue as Michael‘s replacement groom in Episode 14 and I’m already very invested in the pair. But it’s far too soon to tell whether or not they’re going to make it!

Are Madeleine and Ash still together?

(Image Source: Nine).

Madeleine and Ash are our first MAFS intruder couple and, at this very early point, they seem to be getting along. But let’s call a spade a spade, it’s very up and down and they haven’t even made it to the first Commitment Ceremony yet.

Are Lauren and Jonathan still together?

(Image source: Channel Nine)

During Lauren and Jono’s wedding, there was an initial spark but it eventually fizzled the next morning and during their MAFS honeymoon.

At that point, it wasn’t looking too promising, which has only been accentuated during their Confessions Week arguments.

A set of cryptic Instagram snaps from Lauren (reported by Yahoo! Lifestyle) made us wonder if the pair might’ve turned things around throughout the MAFS experiment, however, we’ve since seen photos of a MAFS couple swap that includes Jono and… Ellie!

Given Ellie and Jono are smooching in the shots obtained by The Daily Mail, I think it’s safe to say that Lauren and Jono aren’t still together.

It also doesn’t help that during an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Tuesday, February 6, Lauren confessed that she and Jono’s “personalities were different”.

“On paper, the experts got it right, but there’s something on paper you can’t put into words,” she said.

But perhaps those shots she shared to her foodie account @so.cooked in January could indicate she’s found love elsewhere?

In one of the shots, she shared a custom-made shirt with her bikini pics and name, with accompanying text reading, “One very lucky boy.”

Make of that what you will!

Are Jayden and Eden still together?

Married At First Sight couples still together 2024
(Image source: Channel Nine)

Jayden and Eden got hitched on Married at First Sight in Episode Three and it seemed like they were hitting things off. Like, I felt the chemistry oozing from the screen.

Anyways, MAFS gossip GOAT @MAFSuncensored has shared a sneaky bit of tea that could potentially suggest that Jayden is still with his reality TV bride.

Please keep in mind that this is purely goss when soaking in this info!

Basically, the MAFS goss gurus pulled up a picture of Mitch — former MAFS contestant and Jayden’s bro — with a cute doggo. Can you guess who’s dog?

If ya guessed Eden, you get a pat on the back!

For reference, I’ve chucked Mitch’s photo on the left and a photo of Eden’s pup — named Cub — on the right.

What was quite interesting was that in the MAFSuncensored screenshot, Mitch mentioned Cub’s name. However, the caption now reads: “What a guy!”

Oopsie, Mitch did a woopsie.

Honestly, that cheeky little caption change makes things extra suss. But to give this the benefit of the doubt, the image could be a snapshot of the hometown visits. Maybe Mitch tagged along for the MAFS nostalgia.

Since the show’s been airing, someone claiming to be Jayden’s ex-girlfriend has come out with her version of events when it comes to *that* confession.

Based on thoughts that are purely my own, I think these two make it to MAFS final vows but might have broken up by the time this show is over on our television screens. But who knows!

Are Jack and Tori still together?

Married At First Sight couples still together 2024
(Image Source: Nine).

According to MAFS gossip page @MAFSuncensored, Jack and Tori are one of the couples to have “survived” the reality TV show.

That being said (no tea, no shade) take the rumoured relationship with a grain of salt!

In a lengthy Instagram post, the page claimed the groom made “an effort since the show wrapped” and has flown in and out of Melbs to continue their relationship.

The juicy Instagram post — which featured pap photos of the MAFS couple spending time together outside of the show — referenced another Daily Mail article where sources claim they’re still together post-reality TV.

“The couple spent Christmas in Melbourne with the gorgeous bride’s family and villain or not, I’m happy for them,” the IG caption reads.

“A close friend of [the] MAFS bride said, ‘Jack has changed for the better since meeting Tori. It’s been a surprise to many, but their connection is genuinely strong.’”

Daily Mail has previously claimed that this pair broke up after the show, in an article that dropped in early February.

“Further, Jack’s marriage to Tori has also reportedly crumbled after the Gold Coast personal trainer was exposed to be a love rat,” the article reads.

Look, it’s only the start of the season, so I’m willing to let the rumours circulate before I make my mind up.

But I am still surprised that out of all the couples rumoured to be going strong, it’s these two. Especially because: A) Jack is tipped off to be a villain and B) Jack is the groom who allegedly dumped his real-life girlfriend for the show.

Either way, it’s safe to say Jack and Tori are on good terms. When PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Jack and Tori in early February, following the ex-girlfriend story surfacing on the show, they joined the call separately but had nothing but good things to say about one another.

“[Tori’s] one of the most well-spoken people in the entire cast and you barely heard Tori say a word,” Jack said. “She’s incredible and I’m grateful to have her.”

Have her as a friend or a girlfriend? Anyone’s guess.

Are Tim and Sara still together?

Married At First Sight couples still together 2024
(Image source: Channel Nine)

After that horrid best-man speech about rancid chicken flaps, *that* honeymoon situation and. the yelling match at the second MAFS dinner party, my gut feeling on the future of this couple ain’t too great.

And now that some pap pics showing Tim with another gal have been released, I really feel like I need to trust my gut more often.

Rumours have spread that Tim had a secret girlfriend while on the show, however, he firmly refutes this claim. In fact, he says that while there will be a cheating scandal on this season, it won’t involve him. Juicy!

In conclusion, I’m 90% certain these two are donezo.

Are Cassandra and Tristan still together?

(Image source: Channel Nine)

I probably sound like a broken record, but we’re only a few weeks in!!! Gotta let the love marinate a little bit.

That being said, they did appear on The Today Show and my extremely unprofessional opinion tells me that these two are headed for a friend zone. I didn’t feel a spark which is unfortunate because if these two don’t make it, I will truly believe that love does not exist.

Perhaps they’re just really good actors?

Are Timothy and Lucinda still together?

Married At First Sight couples still together 2024
(Image source: Channel Nine)

Rumour has it that Lucinda and Timothy are still going strong and I am stoked/ surprised.

The pair were papped together by the Daily Mail Australia in Melbourne just days after their wedding aired on the show. These two seem like polar opposites in the best way but I am so hopeful that this experience works out for them.

But hey, maybe it was just a shared coffee between friends.

Are Natalie and Collins still together?

Married At First Sight couples still together 2024
(Image source: Channel Nine)

Absolutely not. Natalie and Collins left at the very first MAFS dinner party, only to return to the experiment soon after. At the following MAFS Commitment Ceremony, Natalie wrote leave but Collins wrote stay, meaning they were asked to stay in the experiment for another week.

Following this, Natalie decided she wanted to leave, but the tea is that the both Natalie and Collins were actually “removed” from MAFS.

(Image source: Channel Nine)

I guess they’ll be skipping out on all the reality TV perks — like a good wine throwing or the thousands of followers these contestants usually gain after joining the show.

Are Andrea and Richard still together?

Married At First Sight couples still together 2024
(Image source: Channel Nine)

Hope so! Do you remember that show My Mum, Your Dad and how wholesome it was? Andrea and Richard are exactly that, times 1000000000.

PEDESTRIAN.TV is an Andrea and Richard stan site now.

There hasn’t been much said about these two, but if they don’t make it, I will apply for MAFS as an expert and fix things.

Are Ellie and Ben still together?

Married At First Sight couples still together 2024
(Image source: Channel Nine)

Look, as much as I am rooting for Ellie to find love, I don’t think Ben is it.

There’s already speculation surrounding his intentions on the show as he’s rumoured to have been trying to get on MAFS for a while now and he has a podcast (red flag, if you didn’t know).

As mentioned above, Ellie has also been spotted pashing another groom — none other than Jono. So maybe she did find love after all?

So far, it seems like Tori and Jack are the only couple with PHOTO PROOF that they could be together post-MAFS, however, the sneaky @MAFSuncensored account did say “one of the few couples“. There are bound to be more couples who finish off the social experiment with love.

Fingers crossed one of the couples is Cassandra and Tristan — but I hate to judge too early like I did with Cam and Lyndall from 2023.

Anyways, any cheeky info on couples making it out of the hell hole that is MAFS will end up here, so keep us in your sexy bookmarks tab for the goss!