Here’s Where Ellie, Jono And Lauren Stand After The Explosive Reunion Episode Last Night

Well, last night’s Married At First Sight reunion episode was a doozy, wasn’t it? From a “surprise” couple reveal, a bit of yelling and Jono entering his villain era, it really did make for some juicy television. But after everything that went down, where does Lauren stand with her ex Jono and his new missus Ellie? We had a chat with Season 11’s most outspoken bride to find out.

Before we get into it, if you haven’t seen the episode I encourage you to go check it out… or you can read MAFS gossip guru Chantelle Schmidt‘s reunion recap if you want a spicier perspective. But to summarise, Lauren and Jono were initially matched as a couple on MAFS, while Ellie was matched with another dude named Ben. Neither one of these on-screen relos worked out, so Jono and Ellie seemingly took things into their own hands and hooked up — but this was a big surprise to Lauren.

Surprise, surprise. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

“I felt like an absolute idiot when they walked in,” Lauren told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Then when they had the support of the group, besides like Timothy and Sarah, so blatantly rubbing it in front of my face, I was quite embarrassed.”

Although she had always sensed a vibe between Jono and Ellie, Lauren revealed that she had absolutely no idea that they had actually got together.

“I’m annoyed because I’ve since found out that the majority of the cast knew about it and not one single person thought they should just send me a text and maybe let me know that this was happening,” she explained.

“I knew they were going to be together, my gut told me that but no one told me, not even them. Jono didn’t even slip me a text to give me the heads-up.”

Personally, I reckon any successful relationship out of this show is a win. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

Although it differs from what we saw in the episode, Lauren says that after she got over the shock, they all got along pretty well.

“After that all happened, and me and Jono had words, we actually had a good night together,” she told P.TV, just after the trailer came out.

“Every time you see them laughing, it’s because of me. Like Jono and Ellie were in stitches laughing all night because I was making them laugh because I’m funny. I don’t think they’ve laughed that much together so when they finally get to see me they were having a laugh.

“The trailer made it a little bit more sinister but we actually all end up having a good night and we actually could talk about that with the experts on the couch the next day.”

Same, girl, same. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

After the reunion, things were actually fairly chill between Ellie, Jono and Lauren. Well, for a time, anyway.

“Jono and I stayed in contact and I let him know that I support him and Ellie and they’re a way better match,” she said.

“It’s all good and every time we talk, she’d be there and kind of be listening. She never apologised to me or anything but it was all good. It wasn’t until… some other stuff has gone down and I don’t really speak to Jono and Ellie at all anymore but in my mind, it’s all good.

“I really don’t have an issue and I don’t actually think about them, to be honest.”

Well, there you have it. Lauren, Jono and Ellie are kind of fine but don’t chat anymore. I guess that’s showbiz, baby!

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