MAFS’ Lauren Slams Rumours That Anything Is Going On With Jayden After Nightclub Vid Goes Viral

Married At First Sight‘s Lauren Dunn and Jayden Eynaud found themselves at the centre of a little bit of drama this week when a video of them looking particularly touchy-feely in a Sydney nightclub was shared online. It was bad timing, especially now that the final vows on the show revealed that Jayden and his on-screen wife Eden Harper are still together months after filming. But according to Lauren, everything has been blown out of proportion.

In case you missed it, the footage was taken last week following a MAFS dinner party hosted by Nova. When the official event wrapped, Lauren, Jayden, Sara Mesa and Tristan Black headed to Universal on Sydney’s Oxford Street. There, the Daily Mail and gossip page MAFS Gossip captured some footage of the cast having a boogie.

But as viewers watched Jayden dance shirtless with Lauren to Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s “Murder On The Dancefloor”, some felt that the co-stars were inappropriately all over each other — and it was especially shady when Eden wasn’t there.

You can check out the video below.

“Oh, I’d be pissed,” commented one viewer.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal but if it was Eden was dancing with another guy I bet Jayden would call it cheating,” wrote another.

“IDK I wouldn’t dance like that with a good friend’s partner especially if they weren’t even there,” said another commenter.

Meanwhile, Lauren thinks the whole thing is absolute bullshit.

“Oh I mean, it’s ridiculous,” Lauren told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“You know what everyone’s like, they love a scandal. We haven’t had a big scandal this season, aside from the obvious one.

“Jayden and I are just friends. We’re participants in the same show. We all went out to a gay club and danced for 10 minutes and then I went home with a cheeseburger. There’s really nothing to it, unfortunately.”

How I look at a 3am cheeseburger. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

To make things even spicier — an insider speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle! claimed that Eden was at the club earlier but left because Jayden was “ignoring her”.

But it didn’t stop there. Even 2022 MAFS star Tahnee Cook got involved.

“I feel really upset for Eden,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle!

“Eden is a good friend of mine and I know this is upsetting for her, especially when he was ignoring her the whole night and the second she leaves he’s taking his shirt off and dancing with a girl. It just feels a bit embarrassing — and why is your shirt off in the club?

“I find it quite disrespectful. It feels a little intentional to hurt Eden in front of the public and media when she wasn’t there.”

(Image: Instagram / @itstahnee)

Whispers have been swirling about whether Jayden and Eden really are still together, or if they’re just staying together for clout. While I don’t think we’ll hear anything about that during the reunion, I’m sure the tea — if there is any — will come out once the cast gets their official Instagram accounts back.

So, watch this space!

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