Two MAFS Stars Are Apparently In Deep Shit After News Of Their Couple Swap Leaked Via Instagram

Thanks to some cheeky pap pics, we now know that there is a Married At First Sight couple swap on the horizon resulting in Ellie Dix and Jono McCullough ditching their on-screen matches for each other. But now that the couple swap tea has found itself splashed across headlines and front pages over a month before the reunion, rumour has it that the powers that be are pretty damn miffed about the spoilers — and intend on re-editing the show.

According to an inside source speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Ellie and Jono are being reprimanded by producers for spoiling the outcome of the series for MAFS fanatics by having their media opportunities withdrawn.

The insider also claimed that the couple hosted a birthday party over the weekend and invited all of their co-stars, despite reminders of their contracts.

“Ellie sent out an invite to the entire cast asking them to join her and Jono on the Gold Coast and a lot of them went along. The AACTA Awards seemed to overshadow the reality stars flying into Queensland.”

“They aren’t going to hide their relationship and want Nine to work around them,” the source said, claiming that the network intends to edit the show to “minimise their planned storylines”.

While it’s still early days on MAFS 2024, Ellie is currently partnered up with travel agent Ben Walters. Whereas Jono was paired with loose unit and soon-to-be-MAFS-icon Lauren Dunn.

Ellie and Ben had ~ vibes ~ when they tied the knot. (Image: Nine)

Whispers of the couple swap started bubbling when Yahoo! Lifestyle found pictures of Ellie and Jono hanging out at a Christmas work event. Intriguing yet nothing concrete.

However, a week later, pics came out of Ellie and Jono hitting up Sydney’s Tamarama Beach. Not only were they papped holding hands but SMOOOOOOCHING as they walked out of the water.

You can see the pics here and let me just say, they’re too hot to be authentic and not staged. When I get out of the water, I look like Gollum and follow the surf safety rules to never turn my back to the sea!!!!!

Lauren and Jono sure look like a pretty couple — but who knows what lies around the corner? (Image: Nine)

TBH, I reckon that Jono and Ellie seem like a pretty good match.

But I can understand their on-screen partners Lauren and Ben feeling a bit bummed about the situation.

So far, only Ben has come forward revealing that he found out about Jono and Ellie at the MAFS reunion.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 8
Ben and Ellie had a bit of a hiccup during MAFS Confessions Week. (Image: Nine)

“I saw the way they looked at each other from the start and I suspected something fishy was going on,” Ben told Yahoo Lifestyle, noting that he felt emotionally cheated on.

“I honestly wish them well as they seem happy together,” Ben added. “We text sometimes still. Pretty disappointing that they decided to ruin the storyline for MAFS fans.”

I can’t wait to see how this rolls out, and to hear all about it on Ben’s podcast, of course.