MAFS’ Ellie & Ben Called Out Their ‘Edit’ In A Leaked Video & Bloody Hell This Season Is Messy

Married At First Sight (MAFS) continues to prove that it’s the gift that keeps on giving — the gift being drama — after a couple from this year’s season leaked a cheeky video diary that was filmed during the show.

ICYMI: MAFS Season 11 has begun and we’ve already seen a shit tonne of drama on and off the screen.

To give you a quick rundown on all the juicy goss, Collins and Natalie were reportedly ‘removed’ from the show and didn’t just leave, Jack was accused of dumping his ex before the show and now, Ellie and Ben reportedly leaked a video diary which revealed what really happened during a heated moment.

Season 11 is just chaos with a big side of chaos and a glass of chaos to wash it all down.

In the late hours of Tuesday night, MAFS Instagram gossip accounts MAFSFunny (@mafsfunny) and The Wash (@thewashonline) shared a joint post containing the leaked video diary from the couple.

In the video, Ben and Ellie discussed their true feelings for each other and said they might cop some kind of fucked edit.

According to the IG post, the footage was “recorded the week they filmed” Tuesday night’s episode (Episode 11).

To give you a bit of context on what went down in Episode 11 — and what Ellie and Ben could be talking about in the leaked footage — on Tuesday night, Ellie and Ben hit a bit of a rough patch after she accused him of mocking her. The pair also seemed to have reached in impasse on the topic of kids.

(Image source: Channel Nine)

Anyways, back to the leaked video, Ben and Ellie expressed how they really felt about what went down and believe they’re gonna get a shit edit due to their recent interaction.

“Maybe this is not good. Maybe I could be — you know — maybe Ellie really hates me,” Ben began before panning to Ellie, who was sitting next to him eating din dinz.

“I don’t hate him,” Ellie replied.

“You know, the way these producers make it seem like this huge drama.”

Ellie went on to call out the producers, stating she can recall praising her reality TV husband in one-on-one interviews and telling them they’re “in a really good spot”.

“What I’m trying to say is you might only be getting a snippet of me saying ‘he made me feel angry,’ but that was last night and I was angry,” she added.

“They’re just getting my side. So, I didn’t write Ben off but all it takes is a little cut here and there and then all of a sudden it’s like ‘Ben is a…’”

The pair signed off the video with a snog to prove they don’t hate each other. Awww, quite cute if you don’t know about *that* couple swap.

Since posting the leaked footage, fans of the show have flocked to the comments to chuck in their two cents. Unfortunately for these two, most folks aren’t sympathetic about their edit, with most punters pointing out that they’re used to producers doing a naughty cut and paste on Premiere Pro to up the antics.

(image source: Instagream / @MAFSfunny and @thewashonline)
(image source: Instagream / @MAFSfunny and @thewashonline)

Although a lot of people don’t seem to care about producer edits (proof: this brutal comment section), there are a couple small edits that have been called out already. Also, another MAFS bride *cough* Tori *cough* has complained in an recent interview about her edit.

This isn’t the first time that Ellie has been embroiled in some kind of cheeky MAFS drama. Earlier in the week, Ellie was spotted packing on the PDA at a beach with fellow Season 11 contestant Jonathan, who is currently paired with Lauren on the show. This is the first known couple swap from this year.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Jono and Ellie’s relationship will unfold towards the end of the season.

As much as I love drama, I don’t think I can stomach anymore. Especialy with knowledge that a Home and Away actor is about intrude on the OG couples.