A MAFS Star Is Already Complaining About The Edit & Went To Town On The Radio This Morn

If there’s one thing that causes more discussion than the cursed ranking challenge in Married At First Sight, it’s “the edit”. You know, the final way the show is cut together for the tea-loving audiences at home. 11 Seasons into this shitshow, it’s no secret that the edit exists, eliciting certain feelings towards the brides and grooms from the audience. Following the explosive first dinner party of MAFS 2024, couple Tori and Jack have already made it pretty clear that we’re not getting the whole picture of what went down.

Before we begin, if you need a comprehensive refresher on what went down on the latest dinner party episode of MAFS, you can find our cheeky little recap here. In short, it was this episode where the contestants discussed articles in the press about Jack’s “disgruntled” ex.

(Image: Nine)

Speaking to CBR Wrapped with Rod Cuddihy and Gabi Elgood, Tori claimed that we really didn’t see everything that happened that night around the dinner table.

“It was really weird for me [to watch back], mostly because I actually addressed the table at the first dinner party about this situation and it was not shown unfortunately which is sad,” she told the hosts.

“I was so across this person [Jack’s ex] before the article had come to a head. I had all the clarity, all the context, all the messages. I’d seen everything I needed to see before heading into the dinner party with the clarity that I did.”

When asked by Rod whether she was angry about the edit, she responded: “Yeah, you could say that.”

“I’m a bit disappointed for sure,” she continued.

“I had a lot to say last night and I didn’t get the opportunity to have my time. I think I looked dishevelled, upset and confused and it’s just not accurate.”

When questioned about whether she expected the cheeky editing, Tori clarified that she wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

“I am not surprised at all,” she said.

“We signed up for this and I can’t sit here and be like ‘oh no this is going to happen’. I’ve watched all 11 seasons so I feel like I am disappointed but not shocked.”

Me watching MAFS. (Image: Nine)

In a separate chat with PEDESTRIAN.TV, both Tori and her husband Jack elaborated on the edit of the episode and their feelings about the commentary surrounding it.

“You don’t want anyone speaking ill of a person that you care about and I think you know it’s really hard to see, to read and to watch as well because you know, only Jack and I have the facts, know the story and have all the all the context,” Tori explained.

“Not everyone else does, and they’re commenting on what they know or what they think to happen and look some people have really nasty things to say and either aren’t necessarily like reading those things about Jack because it’s hurtful and it hurts me.”

Meanwhile, Jack was frustrated to see Tori’s portrayal in the episode.

“Tori is the most empowered, emotionally intelligent, intellectual woman I’ve ever met and she’s so well articulated. And we haven’t seen any of it,” he said.

“If I mess up, if I fuck up, Tori’s holding me accountable and they’re not showing any of it.”

“She’s incredible. She’s one of the most well-spoken people in the entire cast and you barely heard Tori say a word. She’s incredible and I’m grateful to have her.”

These two seemed to gel pretty damn well at their wedding. (Image: Nine)

As far as the MAFS forums go, there are a lot of mixed feelings about Jack online with people labelling his alpha male rhetoric as a walking red flag.

Personally, I reckon we’re watching a cheeky bait-and-switch come into play. Are we being positioned to dislike him but slowly come to love him, and his relationship with Tori? Only time will tell!

As we wrapped up our chat with the on-screen couple, we asked what was one thing they wanted Australia to keep in mind when watching the show.

“Just remember that it’s a TV show, right?” Tori said.

“It needs to pack a punch in the in the time that it’s that it’s on.  Context is everything and context isn’t entertaining so they remove it. So just remember that — zoom out and just understand that context is key.”