Here’s Every MAFS Cast Member Looking For Love And/Or Clout (+ Instagrams)

Happy Married At First Sight season everybody! What a time to be alive!!!

While there’s been plenty of speculation about the MAFS cast since August last year, now that the shitshow has kicked off, we finally know who will be risking it all on a national reality show for love. And, as an extra little treat, we’ve got all of their Instagram handles too, in case you want to go down the online rabbit hole.

It’s worth noting that while they’re on the show, their IG accounts are managed by a third party who writes some cheesy-ass captions. However, I reckon it’s worth getting across the accounts for when the contestants get access again and all hell inevitably breaks loose.

So, let’s meet our new Married At First Sight cast!!!

MAFS 2024 Brides

Andrea, 51, @andreathompson_andie

MAFS 2024
okay BOOTS!!!! (Image: Supplied)

Lovely Andrea is a photographer from Queensland who credits her leap of faith in the show to MAFS itself.

You see, she was inspired to end her last relationship after watching the show and learning that she was being gaslit by her partner.

I know there are a lot of criticisms of MAFS, but this proves that there can be tangible positives to a show which displays the good, the bad and the ugly of real relationships.

Andrea did goat yoga!!! How does it feel to be living my dream Andrea?! (Image: Instagram)

Anyway, Andrea is a single mum of two adult kids who I really hope grill the fuck out of her partner when we get to hometowns. She describes herself as giving, respectful and kind but admits that she’s pretty forgetful. Girly even has a “to do” list tattooed on her arm which is one of the most practical tattoos I’ve ever heard of.

Andrea’s IG makes me feel like she’s a fun lovin’ gal who loves a cheeky wine, a cheese board and is up for anything. Love that!

She’s rumoured to be getting hitched to Richard, who you’ll meet down below with the other grooms so stay tuned!

Cassandra, 29, @cassandraallen_

MAFS 2024
A classic look for Cassandra. (Image: Supplied)

Outgoing administration worker Cassandra loves nothing more than having a laugh and being social. She loves a chat and claims that she can talk underwater. But despite her bubbly nature, Cassandra has had a rough time in the dating world.

After going through the devastating loss of her first love, she admits that it’s been a challenge to find a strong meaningful connection with anyone. Thankfully throughout it all, she’s had the support of her huge loving family.

(Image: Instagram)

As a family-orientated individual, all she wants is to find someone kind with a beautiful smile to raise a “small football team” of kids with. Cassandra seems like a bit of an influencer with such a gorgeously curated IG. Pop off queen, get that bag!!!!

She’s been paired with Tristan and so far, everything seems to be going pretty fkn well between them.

Eden, 28, @edenharper

MAFS 2024
Mermaid dresses seem to be the one this season. (Image: Supplied)

Eden is a recruitment manager from the Gold Coast, Queensland who has been single for the last three years. Her last relationship ended after her partner cheated on her with her best friend. Just let me at him, I swear to god!!!!!!

Since losing both her partner and her best bud, Eden admits that she’s developed some serious trust issues that I’m sure we’ll see her work through on the ouch-couch with the experts.

(Image: Instagram)

Deep down, Eden is super independent and looking for someone ambitious, generous — and most of all — loyal. With 12.4K followers already, Eden’s IG is solid as hell. She is such an it-girl.

Eden has been coupled up with Jayden Eynaud and yep, he’s the brother of Season Nine’s Mitch Eynaud.

Ellie, 32, @elliedixoxo

MAFS 2024
Stunning! (Image: Supplied)

Ellie is a registered nurse from Queensland who, like Eden, has had experience with dirty-ass cheaters. A few years ago, she had to call off her wedding a month before the festivities because she found out her ex-fiancé cheated on her. She was heartbroken and it rocked her to her core.

Ever since, her confidence in relationships has been rocked and Ellie looks for constant reassurance from her partners. While she’s tried every trick in the book to find the one, she’s been pretty unlucky and hopes that MAFS might be the key to her romantic future.

(Image: Instagram)

One day, Ellie envisions herself living the white-picket-fence life in a healthy relationship with kids. Manifesting this for you Ellie!!!

According to her IG, Ellie is all about that travel lifestyle. Back when I first wrote this article, I hypothesized that she’d be paired with travel guide Ben. Turns out I was absolutely correct so I will be patting myself on the back for this one. Yep, thanks.

Lauren, 32, @lauren_funn_

MAFS 2024
This dress is giving when your conservative partner’s fam sits on the right pews and your fam sits on the left. (Image: Supplied)

Lauren is a PR and marketing consultant from Western Australia who runs her own hospitality and marketing business. As a self-confessed foodie, Lauren loves dinner dates so she can order a huge full-bodied glass of red and judge her match on where they take her, which is such a power move, if you ask me.

(Image: Instagram)

With her dry sense of humour, strong opinions and passionate approach to relationships, Lauren is looking for someone who is calm and level-headed to balance her out. She also hopes that they are tall, dark and handsome with a cracking sense of humour.

Lauren is inspired by her parents — who have been together 40 years — to never settle for anything less than a loving successful relationship. She also seems much, much cooler than I am.

Whispers are that Lauren is paired up with Jono this season. If true, talk about a hot couple, hey?

Lucinda, 43, @lucindaslight

MAFS 2024
Lace!!!!! (Image: Supplied)

Lucinda describes herself as a “grounded earth mama” and a “steward of love and light” who lives life to its fullest.

As a full-time MC, wedding celebrant and owner of a speed-dating company, Lucinda clearly loves love but it’s time that she found her own perfect match.

(Image: Instagram)

She’s looking for an open-minded man who is willing to open his heart, be vulnerable and explore the joys that the world has to offer with her. Lucinda is dedicated to her own growth and development and hopes that her beau has the same growth mentality that she does.

She is a ball of fun, super creative, sensual and an eternal optimist. Honestly, I can see why she’d be such a wonderful celebrant. That being said, I think she’ll be a divisive character this season. As someone who is also incredibly star sign and sage stick coded, I already love her.

Lucinda, the absolute light of this show so far, has been paired up with self-professed Tin Man Timothy.

Natalie, 32, @natarai

MAFS 2024
Stunner!! (Image: Supplied)

Victoria-based Natalie is a proud self-confessed nerd. She loves gaming, has been known to cosplay and collects memorabilia that looks like her white fluffy Samoyed pup MieMie. Looking at the picture of sweet cloud MieMie below, I don’t blame her for being obsessed.

(Image: Instagram)

When she’s not indulging in her hobbies, Natalie works as a physiotherapist. As an open-minded, nurturing and caring person, it’s the perfect profession for her. But while she’s kind to fault, Natalie won’t stand for anyone being treated unfairly. She’s fiercely loyal and isn’t afraid of standing up to people and standing up for herself.

Hell yeah, Natalie!!!

Miss Natalie has been coupled up with Collins this time around. It’ll be interesting to see how they go.

Sara, 29, @saramessy

Sara is a Sydney-based nutritionist looking for a light-haired dream boat pretty boy.

She was born and raised in Columbia until she moved to Canada as a kid, but has lived in Australia for the past eight years. Sara is all about communication and isn’t afraid to state what she wants. She finds that sometimes her approach is a bit too much for some of her dates who she accidentally offended with her bluntness.

(Image: Instagram)

Sara is going on MAFS to try and break some dating habits. In the past, she’s been known to dismiss potential partners if they don’t live up to her expectations. While having high standards is a good thing, she feels lonely and disheartened, like nothing is working out in her favour.

Sara’s IG screams dream girl. If I looked like that I wouldn’t know how to act.

Sara has tied the knot with Tim, who looks like Ken to her Barbie.

Tori, 27, @torileighadams

Business development manager Tori is a super independent woman who is looking for a man who fits into her world. While she’s fine as a strong, single woman, she’s giving MAFS a whirl in the hopes that she’ll find the right guy who can compliment her, rather than try and change her.

Tori is on the hunt for an alpha male who isn’t afraid of a badass lady. She’s manifesting a guy who is masculine fit, career-focused, tidy, emotionally intelligent and good at communication. While I’m sure the right person is out there for everyone, I do think that Tori might have a difficult time finding a man with all of those qualities. Fingers crossed for her though!!!

(Image: Instagram)

Thankfully, Tori is a self-aware queen who realises that she’s kind of picky. She’s pretty upfront about being a high-maintenance gal who loves control (same, girl, same) but she hopes that she’ll find someone on the same page as her that she can do life with.

Tori hasn’t updated her Instagram in a while but she seems like a big ole’ cutie. And, she’s been paired with man-bun Jack. Good luck to ya, queen!

MAFS 2024 Grooms

Ben, 39, @walters_tours

MAFS 2024
A white tie!!! It’s fun, different, unusual!! (Image: Supplied)

Ben is a tour guide from New South Wales who admits that he is pretty fkn picky when it comes to finding a partner. Thanks to his job, it was pretty easy for him to move on to the next gal when one relationship doesn’t work out or gets a bit too difficult.

When COVID hit, he had to pivot into the construction industry to stay afloat — which made it a lot harder to move on from a relo when he was staying put. The self-aware king realises that he’s a bit scared of settling down and has a couple of unrealistic expectations but he hopes that the MAFS experience and the experts might be able to help him break these habits.

He still craves the life of travel and is looking for a non-vanilla gal who can keep things interesting.

Ben’s Instagram is comprised of mainly reels and let me tell ya, king isn’t afraid of a little skit here and there.

Collins, 28, @collins_christian_

MAFS 2024
He looks sweet!! But skinny jeans down the aisle?!!?! (Image: Supplied)

By day, Collins works as an executive assistant. By night, he’s a chatty trivia host who loves a cheeky giggle. Although he can be the life of the party, Collins is coming on MAFS to find his very first girlfriend.

Apparently, he’s had his heart smashed to smithereens by unrequited love once and has been put in the friend zone on a bunch of occasions. Collins describes himself as a kind, respectful dude and he’s hoping that with the experts’ help, he’ll be able to find a spark with a special someone.

(Image: Instagram)

Rumour has it that Collins has applied to be in the MAFS cast multiple times before so I’m glad he made it on the show. Most of Collin’s IG pics are fun wholesome, group shots. He’s giving “life of the party” vibes.

Jack, 34, @jack_dunkley

MAFS 2024
I’m starting to think I’m just behind in men’s wedding fashion with these tight pantaloons. (Image: supplied)

Personal trainer Jack describes himself as an alpha male looking for a partner who is “respectfully submissive to his dominance”. While that immediately sparks alarm bells in my head, it does tick the box for a pretty lady named Tori mentioned earlier. Interesting, no?

Anyway, Jack describes himself as an affectionate romantic who admits to putting women on a pedestal. He knows exactly what he wants in life, and this applies to his love life. He’s dreaming of a gal who is glam, fit, has an amazing smile, is tanned and a brunette.

He hopes that his bride fits those categories, but is also patient enough to understand who he really is.

(Image: Instagram)

Looking through his IG, I can tell that Jack is super disciplined. You don’t get a rig like that from taking it easy.

Although I promise to try my best not to pass any judgement until the show starts, there were claims back in August that our mate Jack dumped his girlfriend to go on the show. Just letting you all know the tea, that’s all!!!

Jayden, 26, @jaydeneynaud.kickboxer

MAFS 2024
I reckon I’d be able to see my reflection in these shoes. V nice!!! (Image: Supplied)

Jayden here is the brother of MAFS Season Nine’s Mitch Eynaud. We love nepotism, don’t we girls?!!!!

Despite their relation, Jayden says he’s completely different to his brother. Instead of being chronically chill, he is obsessively disciplined and this shows throughout his day-time career as a professional kickboxer and night-time career as a security guard.

With such focus, he struggles to find time for love. When he does give dating a crack, he feels like he’s misunderstood and labelled as a fuck boy for hiding his emotions. Jayden reckons that while he gets a lot of attention from the ladies, it’s not the right kind of attention.

(Image: Instagram)

He’s looking for a gal who is fit, independent and keen on breaking down his walls. The last half feels like a job for a therapist but that’s just my hot take.

If you need some motivational inspiration to get to the gym, Jayden’s IG is the place to go.

Jonathan, 39, @jono.mccullough

MAFS 2024
I love this waistcoat!! Pop off Jono! (Image: Supplied)

Jonathan — or Jono — has walked so many paths in his 39 years. He’s been an infantry soldier, a financial adviser and a concreter. He’s even packed up and sold all of his worldly possessions to travel for 15 months, living on remote islands and hunting his own food to get by. Pretty intense, but you can tell that he has an innate sense of adventure!

(Image: Instagram)

Jonathan looks back at his past with a tinge of regret. Now that he’s almost 40, he’s realised that he’s dated a bunch of wonderful women in his 20s that he should’ve just put a ring on and made some other bad decisions in love when he approached dating in his 30s.

Now, he really wants to find someone to settle down with and become a dad. He dreams of a partner who is on the same wavelength as he is.

From his IG, he seems like a sweet pea who loves new experiences, tiny drinks and having a laugh.

Michael, 34, @m.felix88

Michael is a Victoria-based salesperson who grew up in a small town in Ohio, USA. Admitting that small-town life was a bit challenging as a gay man, Michael believes that the experience and his close-knit family made him the strong person he is today.

After being single for five years, Michael feels like it’s well and truly time to settle down and become a dad. He’s hoping to find someone who appreciates his extroverted, sassy and outspoken self.

(Image: Instagram)

And it wouldn’t hurt if they were tall, dark and handsome with confidence to boot. Mike’s Instagram is giving adventure-seekers. He’s well-travelled, social and can take an amazing IG pic.

Richard, 62, @richard_sauerman

MAFS 2024
As a fan of texture, I love this red velvet look. (Image: Supplied)

I am stoked to report that Richard is the oldest contestant to ever appear on MAFS! For years, I’ve seen comments on socials from people begging for older, more genuine brides and grooms and it seems like the wizards behind MAFS are listening. Well, kind of. Baby steps, right?

Richard is a motivational speaker and dad of three who resides in New South Wales. He was married for 27 years before he felt like the “spark had gone” but when he entered the dating scene, he realised a lot had changed. Online dating was a challenge, and after dating a woman 27 years his junior, he realised that a woman his own age would be better suited to him.

He’s hoping the experts will find a gal who he has a spark with, and who shares his zest for life. Richard’s IG is just so wonderful and wholesome. It’s just a series of happy snaps of him on a motorbike, his family and some sweet selfies. Bring back this kind of IG feed!!!

Simon, 39, @_floccoo

MAFS 2024
Feel like there’s something fishy about this image? Same. (Image: Supplied)

Marketing manager Simon spent most of his 20s married to a woman. Just before his 30th birthday, he realised that he couldn’t live a lie any longer and he came out as gay. Thankfully, Simon still has an amazing friendship with his ex-wife and together they raise their teenage son.

Since splitting up, Simon has been in situationships but he’s craving a deeper connection that a marriage brings.

But here’s the tea — Simon is a runaway groom. According to So Dramatic! back in August 2023, Simon quit the show after filming had begun. With the backstories and the Bucks Night already filmed, Simon will most likely appear in the first few episodes.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Simon said that he tried to leave initially but was persuaded back by producers.

MAFS wasn’t what I thought I wanted at this point in my life, that’s all,” he said.

“I just felt bad for whoever they set me up with. I did initially leave, but they managed to coax me back… I gotta look out for myself.”

Instead, Yahoo! Lifestyle has reported that Simon is replaced by Perth-based hairdresser Stephen Stewart.

Anyway, call me a conspiracy theorist but this is why I think the pic above — which looks lower-res and less colour-graded than the others — is photoshopped to be Simon’s head on another man’s body. His IG is also on private right now.

Tim, 31, @timcalwell

MAFS 2024
No tie? No worries!! (Image: Supplied)

Tim is an online business owner and entrepreneur who dreams big. With multiple businesses to his name, one day he hopes to earn enough cashola to build a school in Ethiopia in honour of his sister who was adopted from there.

As an avid surfer, Tim loves living on the Gold Coast but before he settled there, he lived in Darwin, Columbia, Melbourne, Thailand and Bali. And, after the MAFS trailer showed Tim speaking Spanish, I can’t help but think he’ll be paired with Columbian beauty Sara. Only time will tell!

(Image: Instagram)

Tim is giving MAFS a crack after finding out his last girlfriend was cheating on him. He’s looking for a gal who is a funny, feminine conversationalist. He’d also like them to be emotionally stable. Wouldn’t we all, darls.

Just a quick glance at his IG will tell you that Tim is incredibly well-travelled and loves a cheeky hike. Drop the itineraries! The pics are so stunning that I want to know more deets!

Timothy, 51, @timsmith_melbourne

MAFS 2024
Timothy is serving in this pic, TBH. (Image: Supplied)

Timothy is a business owner from Victoria who is extroverted and outgoing but admits that he struggles to let people in.

After his last relationship came to an end six years ago, he feels like he’s settled into the single-dude life. But after losing his father, Timothy has felt a profound sense of loneliness, craving a partner to connect to. He’s hoping to find a woman who is fun, kind and gives him butterflies.

(Image: Instagram)

While he has no physical preferences in a gal, he’s dreaming of a partnership where they can take care of each other. Aw!

Timothy’s IG is truly a mixed bag. My personal favourite are all of the pictures of him standing in places (hallways, between a bunch of indoor plants, next to a helicopter) without captions. Keep them guessing!!!

Tristan, 30, @tristancblack

Tristan is an event manager from New South Wales.

In the past, Tristan has had some bad luck in love. He can’t really work out if he’s chasing the wrong women or whether he’s got some self-sabotaging habits at play. Plus, after his last relationship ended in disaster, he’s been pretty nervous to date again.

He’s hoping that the experts can find a caring woman who will love him for who he is.

Tristan was raised by a single mum whom he credits as his “hero, queen and biggest supporter”. I hope we get to meet her during the home town visits!!

(Image: Instagram)

Well, there you have it. To find out all of the juicy details about the upcoming season of Married At First Sight, check out our nifty guide with everything you need to know about MAFS 2024 from where the show was filmed to all the news, updates and all the tea so far.

I’ll be the first to say I love Tristan’s IG. The man’s got a bit. Most of his post captions kick off with with the “waddlin’. For example, “Waddlin out of 2023 thinking Wild Wild West sort of year” or “Waddlin’ into the weekend with the double pink & White astro boy shoes.”

He also has a pic of him and Karl Stefanovic on the grid. Good shit.

To watch previous seasons to get in the MAFS mood, check out 9Now. And don’t forget to tune in to the new season of MAFS 2024 on Monday, January 29 at 7:30pm on Channel Nine or 9Now.