MAFS RECAP: Can’t Be Assed Watching MAFS 2024 But Want The Tea? Here’s Your Catch-Up

If you’re a fellow lover of trashy reality television, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re doing Married At First Sight recaps during Season 11. That’s right, we do them every season and 2024 is no different — especially with all of the batshit moments we’re expecting (and have already seen so far) from the MAFS cast this year.

If you’re wondering why the hell we do MAFS recaps (and cover the show so extensively in general), it’s because the show is overflowing with drama — and general lessons in relationships and humanity — that every minute needs to be commentated on and analysed. OK? OK!

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We’re past the halfway point of the show, and I am not exaggerating when I say MAFS Season 11 is a wild ride so far. And we know from the trailers that there’s still more to come!

We know that Jayden EynaudMitch Eynaud from Season 9’s brother — say “I love you” to another MAFS cast member (Eden, no doubt) and someone else seemingly gets kicked out of the entire MAFS experience.

As always, it looks like there’s a lot of tears on that MAFS Commitment Ceremony couch and a lot of yelling at those MAFS dinner parties. But if I’ve learned anything about this show, it’s that you never, ever know what to expect.

So far Collins and Natalie, Madeline and Ash and Ben and Ellie have left the MAFS experiment, and plenty of cracks are starting to show elsewhere.

All the MAFS 2024 episode recaps to catch-up on

We publish our MAFS recaps as soon as the episode is finished airing, so make sure you lurk around on our website, Instagram or Facebook to see it go up. Here’s what we’ve covered so far!

MAFS 2024 Episode 22 Recap

Michael witnessed his husband, Stephen, flirting with a hairdresser and it royally upset their relationship, just in time for the MAFS Couples Retreat!

During the first part of the retreat, Timothy had an emotional breakthrough and Sara made some huge claims about Jack. You can read all about it in the MAFS 2024 Episode 22 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 21 Recap

Ellie and Ben leave the experiment and Tori gets a rude awakening from both the experts and Jack, who admits he’s not as into his wife as she is into him. You can read all about it in thMAFS 2024 Episode 21 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 20 Recap

Ellie and Ben break up at the dinner table and Timothy has it out with both Jayden and Tori. It was honestly the best episode of the entire Season 11 so far. You can read all about it in thMAFS 2024 Episode 20 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 19 Recap

Ellie and Ben’s relationship is donezo after Ben told Ellie what he doesn’t like about her. So she kicked him out! You can read all about it in thMAFS 2024 Episode 19 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 18 Recap

In our MAFS 2024 Episode 18 Recap, Lucinda’s dad stole the show by politely asking Timothy to have a one-night stand with Lucinda. See the MAFS 2024 Episode 18 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 17 Recap

In our MAFS 2024 Episode 17 Recap, three people wrote leave and Jack was called out for his disgusting “muzzle” comment directed at Lauren. See the MAFS 2024 Episode 17 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 16 Recap

In our MAFS 2024 Episode 16 Recap, our MAFS intruders attend their very first dinner party which will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Jack said some truly derogatory things, about both his wife, Tori, and her friend, Lauren. See the MAFS 2024 Episode 16 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 15 Recap

In our MAFS 2024 Episode 15 Recap, we meet more MAFS intruders including Ridge (who says “dece” instead of “decent”) and his new wife, Jade. Madeleine and Ash also embark on their honeymoon in Ulladulla where she becomes a vegetarian and has a psychic download right in front of him. See the MAFS 2024 Episode 15 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 14 Recap

In our MAFS 2024 Episode 14 Recap, we meet our MAFS intruders Madeleine and Ash, as well as Michael’s new groom, Stephen (who I’m quietly obsessed with). Tristan and Cassandra‘s relationship also takes a turn for the worst.

MAFS 2024 Episode 13 Recap

In our MAFS 2024 Episode 13 Recap, it was another MAFS Commitment Ceremony full of people getting called out on their shit — including Sara. Cassandra insinuated that Tim is scared of Sara, and it wasn’t pretty for anyone involved. See the MAFS 2024 Episode 13 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 12 Recap

In our Episode 12 recap for MAFS 2024, the dinner party brings chaos with Tori and Timothy going battling it out, as well as Sara and Tim having a yelling match loud enough to make the entire table feel awkward. For more about what went down, see the MAFS 2024 Episode 12 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 11 Recap

In our Episode 11 recap for MAFS 2024, Intimacy Week continues and the MAFS cast is hearing alarm bells when they hear Ben‘s name after he mocked Ellie. Tim’s also off Sara for being hung-daddy which has eventuated in yet another cancelled date. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 11 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 10 Recap

In our Episode 10 recap for MAFS 2024, Collins and Natalie finally leave for good (I think). The rest of the couples embark on MAFS Intimacy Week, where they eye-gaze, cup each other’s genitals and share their sexual boundaries. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 10 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 9 Recap

In our Episode Nine recap for MAFS 2024, we sit through the torture of our very first MAFS Season 11 Commitment Ceremony. I say torture because Collins’ performance when Natalie wrote “leave” was unlike anything I’ve ever seen on this show. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 9 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 8 Recap

In our Episode Eight recap for MAFS 2024, Confessions Week continued to damage MAFS relationships left, right and centre. Lucinda and Timothy struggled to meet halfway with their expectations of closeness in a relationship while Sara wouldn’t let Tim look through her phone. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 8 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 7 Recap

In our Episode Seven recap for MAFS 2024, Natalie and Collins return after three minutes away from the experiment. It’s Confessions Week and Jayden tells Eden that he slept with his ex-girlfriend’s friend while she watched, after finding out she cheated on him. Wild. I’m still recovering. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 7 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 6 Recap

In our Episode Six recap for MAFS 2024, Natalie and Collins called it quits at our very first MAFS dinner party of 2024. The topic of conversation at the cocktail party and dinner party alike was a new article about Jack, saying he broke up with a girlfriend on the outside to come on MAFS Season 11. D-R-A-M-A. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 6 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 5 Recap

In our Episode Five recap for MAFS 2024 we met two more couples who couldn’t be more different — Lauren and Jono, and Richard and Andrea. I don’t mean to be dramatic but if the latter don’t give me the MAFS love story Australia deserves, I’ll require a refund. I also very nearly had a heart attack watching Lauren apply fake tan ahead of her big day. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 5 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 4 Recap

In our Episode Four recap for MAFS 2024 we met another couple — Ben and Ellie — but there were doubts about the couple’s chances given Ben had a podcast (lol). We also saw the introduction of the MAFS honesty box, which saw two grooms telling their wives that they’re not attracted to them…yet. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 4 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 3 Recap

In our Episode Three recap for MAFS 2024 we met two new couples: Jayden and Eden and Collins and Natalie. While Jayden and Eden seem to be a match made in heaven so far, Collins has quickly gotten overwhelmed by the MAFS 2024 experiment and has told his new bride that he wants to move slow. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 3 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 2 Recap

In our Episode Two recap for MAFS 2024 we met the truly wonderful Lucinda Light and her new husband Timothy who sometimes pretends he doesn’t have a heart to avoid getting hurt. They’re completely different but I feel like it could work?

We also met PT Jack and his new MAFS wife, Tori, and I have literally zero hope for this couple because they’re both control freaks and fiercely independent. I don’t see them complementing each other at all. AT ALL. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 2 recap.

MAFS 2024 Episode 1 Recap

For our premiere episode, we met two couples including Sara and Tim and Cassandra and Tristan. While things got off to a pretty shit start for Sara and Tim thanks to that best man wedding speech, things are looking much more promising for Cassandra and Tristan. Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 1 recap.

You can find all of our MAFS recaps right here as we make our way through the 2024 season, so bookmark this page for whenever you’re doing one of those weekend binges and need all your MAFS episode recaps at the one time. 

Will there be a MAFS 2024 recap for every episode?

There will be four MAFS recaps a week, because that’s how many bloody times this show airs a week! Wild, I know. But, look, I guess there are just too many instances of gaslighting, arguing and wine-throwing to fit it all into anything less.

No episode will go unrecapped (I’m aware that’s not a word, thank you), right through to the MAFS reunion to wrap up Season 11.

Chantelle Schmidt (yes, me, I’m writing about myself in third person) is your MAFS recaps writer for Season 11.

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