Fellow lovers of trashy Australian reality TV: MAFS 2022 is here, my friends. And you know what that means? A MAFS recap for every ep. Yep, we do them each season and 2022 is no different.

MAFS recaps in 2022

Here are PEDESTRIAN.TV, we’ve been doing a nightly MAFS recap for a couple of years and this year is no different. We publish our recaps as soon as the episode is finished airing, so make sure you lurk around on our website, Instagram or Facebook to see it go up.

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve got so far:

Episode 1: Our very first recap was all about Brent, Tamara, the levels of feet we had to witness and the saga of the upside down butter knife.

We also met angelic MILF and DILF combo Selin and Anthony, who we are tipping to be the next Jules and Cam — yep, a MAFS couple who actually last the distance (unlike the vast majority).

Episode 2: Our second recap was all about the delightfully horny Ella and Mitch, who only just resisted bumping uglies on national TV. Domenica and Jack get hitched, and Domenica has to fogure out a way to drop the bomb that she’s been married before. Gasp!

Episode 3: Our third MAFS recap revealed that Domenica and Jack had a wedding night root — we loved that for them! We also met Holly, a lovely woman who makes no secret of wanting kids, and Andrew, the large Texan daddy who may just give them to her. We also met Selina and Cody, a couple who fans are predicting might be the biggest bin fire of the season. Ouch.

Who is in the MAFS cast this year?

There’s a whole raft of interesting folk in the MAFS cast for 2022, and we stalked them all on Instagram for you HERE. We’ve got Texan daddy Andrew, “influencer” Brent and manifester Holly. We also met Ballarat’s answer to Paris Hilton, Tamara, as well as our fave Princess Bogan, Domenica.

And of course the horniest couple in MAFS history, Ella and Mitch.

Are any MAFS couples still together?

Welp. Look, MAFS isn’t the most successful of reality dating shows, but that’s not really why we watch is it? We’ve rounded up a running list of the MAFS couples still together, but some obvious inclusions are Melissa and Bryce — our MAFS recap main stars — from 2021’s season, plus of course the recently-engaged Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli from Season 6.

Fellow Season 6 MAFS couple Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are married with a kid, too.

When and where can I watch MAFS 2022?

Channel Nine airs MAFS from Sunday through to Wednesday in the 7.30pm timeslot. Yep, four drama-filled nights a week!

If you miss it on live TV, you can always get your MAFS fix on 9Now, the network’s on-demand streaming service. And of course, if you can’t be bothered watching, there’s always our MAFS recaps. Make sure you hit them up after each episode airs for the real tea.