MAFS Australia 2022 Is Here And We’ve Got All The News, Updates And Of Course, Recaps


Married at First Sight (MAFS) 2022 came in hot like a bride in rollerskates, and there’s already plenty of drama awaiting us down the aisle.

We’ve got mismatched couples, wedding night fiascos, horned up people and plenty of recaps summing it all up.

MAFS News & Updates

Well I told you there was drama afoot already. Last night, viewers were calling for this season’s groom Brent Vitiello‘s best man — his mate Levito be cast next season because he outshone his mate at the wedding. Dude, don’t do that!

The next spicy bit of tea we got is some intel from the So Dramatic podcast claiming that not all the couples got along this season. That may seem like an obvious update, but it makes us excited for some wine-throwing theatrics all the same.

The same So Dramatic source also told the poddy that the “villains” this season are gonna be Domenica CalarcoOlivia Frazer and Tamara Djordjevic. Hmm, that could explain why Tamara’s “husband” Brent didn’t show up for their TV interview the morning after the premiere.

Yep, Tamara was left on her lonesome, claiming that Brent was “tired” and since he was filmed partying the night before, that sure checks out.

After episode 3, viewers were bagging Cody for his lukewarm response to his new bride. People are predicting that this relo will last about one week and are calling it the “trainwreck” waiting to happen.

MAFS 2022 Cast

We’ve covered the full cast in-depth in a separate article, but here are some of the highlights of the MAFS 2022 cast.

This year, we’ve got Brent, an insta “famous” bloke who boasts 51.7k followers on Instagram. Sadly you can’t have a sneaky stalk of his profile because it’s been switched to private until the show kicks off, as is MAFS standard.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Brent is “well-known in the Sydney party scene and until recently was living and working in photography and hospitality in Dubai.”

Guess I’ve been invited to the uncool parties because i’ve never heard of this man.

We’ve also got straight-talking Texan and personal trainer Andrew, plumber Jackson, cinema manager Holly and makeup artist Domenica, just to name a few.

I’m ready to see which one of these brides/grooms to be becomes the next ridiculous micro-celeb in Australia to make headlines.

MAFS Recaps

Alongside the batshit ludicrousness that MAFS will no doubt dish out this year, you can also expect our beautiful MAFS recap shortly after.

Episode 1: Our very first recap was all about Brent, Tamara, the levels of feet we had to witness and the saga of the upside down butter knife.

We also met angelic MILF and DILF combo Selin and Anthony, who we are tipping to be the next Jules and Cam — yep, a MAFS couple who actually last the distance (unlike the vast majority).

Episode 2: Our second recap was all about the delightfully horny Ella and Mitch, who only just resisted bumping uglies on national TV. Domenica and Jack get hitched, and Domenica has to fogure out a way to drop the bomb that she’s been married before. Gasp!

Episode 3: Our third MAFS recap revealed that Domenica and Jack had a wedding night root — we loved that for them! We also met Holly, a lovely woman who makes no secret of wanting kids, and Andrew, the large Texan daddy who may just give them to her. We also met Selina and Cody, a couple who fans are predicting might be the biggest bin fire of the season. Ouch.

Where Can I Watch MAFS Australia 2022?

As always, you can catch MAFS on TV on Channel 9, or catch up on as many episodes as you want on 9Now. Choices!

When Can I Watch MAFS Australia 2022?

MAFS is in its usual time slot of 7.30pm. Enough time to nom on some dinner and get the fam gathered around the couch for some marital madness.

As for how many episodes there are to devour, MAFS is on from Sunday to Wednesday for four gloriously cooked eps a week.