MAFS’ Lauren & Her Original List Of Chaotic Questions For Jack Have Sent Fans Into A Tizzy

Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans are losing it over Lauren‘s original list of questions for Jack and Tori, where she didn’t just throw shade, but a whole tree!

It’s no secret that Lauren and Jack get along like oil and water. After all, Jack told her reality TV husband Jonathan to put a “muzzle” on her at a dinner party earlier this season. So, naturally, these two are at each other’s neck — and TBH Lauren is doing so well dealing with that Gronk, in my opinion.

On Monday night, our Season 11 gang welcomed Feedback Week, where they get to learn about their relationship and how it’s been perceived by the other couples in the experiment.

GOD BLESS the producer who set up Lauren and Jono with the task to ask Jack and Tori a shit tonne of hard-hitting questions about their relationshit.

This was literally me:


Following the cheeky envelope that revealed the task to the couples, Lauren went on a hilarious rampage on what she wanted to ask the controversial groom, such as questions surrounding his fashion, if he’s wearing a toupée and how he looks purple.

Unfortunately, Lauren didn’t end up asking this list of unhinged questions, however, punters online were FROTHING the way she dragged the groom before the actual task.

Here are some golden reactions to Lauren’s list of hilarious unanswered questions for Jack on Married At First Sight

Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, Lauren did NOT ask those questions. Instead, Jonathan and Lauren grilled Jack and Tori on their lack of intimacy and the topic of kids — which was quite an ironic moment, because Jack said he would want to have kids in two years, but he has yet to be physical with his reality TV bride.

As Lou (@blonde_louise) said, give Lauren a Gold Logie for carrying Monday night’s episode with her shade!