MAFS’ Jack Claims Lauren Knew About Jonathan & Ellie’s Texts Before The Commitment Ceremony

Although Married At First Sight (MAFS) Season 11 is almost over the drama has just bloody started following a texting scandal between Jonathan, Lauren and Ellie. Now, in a bombshell twist, controversial groom Jack has claimed that Lauren knew about the texts the whole time.

It’s been quite a doozy on this year’s MAFS. And just when we thought things would settle down with the final Commitment Ceremony of the season, things reached a whole new boiling point when Tori revealed that Jono had been texting Ellie behind Lauren’s back.

Although the news of the couple swap ran rampant at the start of the season due to some cheeky paparazzi pics, Lauren was obviously blindsided by the revelation. And not going to lie, even though we knew how Lauren and Jono ended, it still shattered my delulu heart that they would’ve fixed things.

Despite Lauren being completely unaware of the text-capades between her reality TV husband and fellow bride, Jack has claimed otherwise.

In an interview with HIT’s Allan and Carly, Jack claimed that Lauren knew about the texts before the Commitment Ceremony when Tori dropped the bombshell about Jono and Ellie. The Season 11 groom also spilled that his wife, Tori, could’ve gotten the information from either Lucinda or Andrea but he cannot confirm who exactly it was from.

“I’m pretty sure Lucinda asked Tori if she would bring it to air,” Jack revealed.

“And the exclusive is Tori actually asked Lauren out the back, ‘I’ve got this information, what do you want me to do with it?’ and Lauren asked her to bring it up at the Commitment Ceremony.”

Hmmm. Look. Anything that comes out of Jack’s mouth, I take it with a ‘yuuuuge barrel of salt. Even host, Carly Portch, told the groom that the tea “was hard to believe” due to Lauren’s reaction to the bombshell.

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

In response, Jack said Lauren only knew about Jono and Ellie’s situation an hour before the Commitment Ceremony was filmed. He then said, “I don’t think any of the ladies had any prior information before that night.”

As the groom attempted to recall the series of events leading to Tori’s bombshell, Carly chimed in saying that his comment was “contradicting” his previous statement, as Lucinda and Andrea reportedly knew about the texts.

Messy, messy, messy.

In the end, Jack said that everything “unfolded” that night they filmed the final Commitment Ceremony and that it was a “big day”.

Did Lauren really know about Jonathan and Ellie’s texts?

Honestly, I am a bit sceptical over this “tea spill”.

Just like Carly, I am a bit confused about how Tori got the information. As mentioned previously, the groom claimed that none of the ladies in the experiment “had any prior information” before the night of the Commitment Ceremony.

However, before the Commitment Ceremony at Skye Suites, Tori said she was “euphoric” about the bomb she was about to drop — which was the news about Jono and Ellie’s texts.

So when did Tori really find out about Jono and Ellie?

Following Monday night’s episode, where Tori was called out by MAFS viewers for telling Jack to “just fake it” when they shared a kiss, it’s kind of hard to believe anything they say or do.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Lauren has to say about the texting gate.

Image source: Nine / MAFS